Thursday, December 10, 2009

doctor visit

Here are some pictures from Chay's phone of Kenzie at the doctor's yesterday.

Kenzie for some reason asked the doctor afterwards, "do you like my shoes?"

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Tiffani said...

I'm glad she was strong and that it wasn't worse. Life with children is always exciting and unpredictable! :-)

The Wright Stuff said...

That picture of her crying is heartbreaking! Also, good job on following the prompting to take Julia too! Sometimes I really wish I would've been a doctor!!! :)

Marie said...

I'm glad the girls are alright and congratulations on the pregnancy. I hope you get sometime to feel good. I can just see your mom up there with your new one. Take care!

Calie said...

Oh April...bless your heart. I can only imagine how you are feeling. I am sorry Kenzie hurt her chin. Isaac says for her to feel better and we can see each other real soon.