Sunday, December 13, 2009


happy birthday Emily. You are now me.

Emily is special to me. She is a great friend. She is so supportive when I call to talk about life. I trust her with my true true thoughts and feelings and that is big because... I can have really embarrassing thoughts and feelings.

I miss her. But I have been missing her for a long long time. In all the years we have been friends, we have only been in the same state twice for a small time maybe less than a year- we are always far apart- many miles apart- sometimes even countries and oceans apart.

But it proves to be ok.

Emily is very thoughtful, smart, kind, creative, intelligent, funny...I don't think she makes mistakes ever...she has a beautiful voice...and I miss her playing the guitar.

She is a great listener. I think I annoy her sometimes because she has sort of been a small outlet for me since Mom died. Sorry Emily...oh dear.

Well anyway happy birthday today. Your present is coming. Late but coming.


Emily Taylor said...

Thank you April. That made my morning.

Chay said...

Happy Late Birthday Emily! Hope you guys are enjoying the warm weather down there.