Sunday, December 20, 2009


Today in church I sang and played a song about Mary and her feelings for her son, Jesus.

I have been practicing the song for awhile, mainly the piano part...because I'm not a piano player...well I don't read notes very well.

The song touched me more and more every time I sang it...and I feel like I understand Mary better by singing it so many times.

I think about Mary a lot. Especially now that it's Christmas time and also that I am pregnant. Did Mary have morning sickness with Jesus? And how could she ever complain?...I'm sure she didn't.

I'm so glad I'm not Mary.

But I think I wish to emulate her. Although there are very few scriptures that talk about her, I honor her and I imagine her being simple, strong, faithful, obedient...

I want to meet her someday.

here are the lyrics to the song:

I Just Knew- by Cherie Call

He's the son of a King
But He came to us with nothing
No purple robe
no crust of bread

With his soft tiny hands
He reached out for me to hold him
There was no crown upon his head

So I guess that I should not have been surprised
When I saw the human tears in his holy infant eyes

And no one ever taught me how to sing
A lullabye to the Son of a mighty King
But when I held him in my arms and I rocked him just the way that mothers do.
I just knew.

Just as we knew he'd be
He lived so selflessly
He was a legend in the land

And people came from far and wide
And looked at Him with pleading eyes
Longing for the healing in his hands

and in those endless busy days
He still had time for me, He always found a way

And no one ever taught me how to love
A healer and a teacher sent from up above
But when he cared for me and helped me in the tender way that only He could do.
I just knew.

In sunlit moments I could see me in the traces of His smile.
I know he came from me
but he was better than this world would allow.

I could not save Him when he died.
And now it seems that he's the one who holds me when I cry.
And everybody asks me how I'm sure
the little boy I raised is our Redeemer

I could list the dreams and prophecies and miracles that prove his mission true
but in all honesty
every moment I was with him
I just knew.

Aren't those just simple personal real words?


kiley said...

Thanks for posting this April! I can't imagine trying to sing this and play the piano and keeping my emotions in check - amazing. I bet it was just beautiful. Congratulations on your pregnancy too - so happy for you! Merry Christmas.

Lindsay Heiser said...

You did awesome today April- I always love to hear you sing! So thanks for sharing it with us =)

Dorene said...

I would have loved to hear you sing this song April. One of my favorites has become Mary Did You Know. I love the verse that says; Mary did you know that when you kissed your baby boy, you kissed the face of God". What a beautiful thought.
Merry Christmas!!
Aunt Dorene

Calie said...

Oh April I am sure it was wonderful. I love to hear you sing. Those are amazing lyrics. I love you!

Shari said...

I loved your song April! You did really great!

Rachel said...

Ryan and I both thought you sounded wonderful. I have never heard that song. You sounded great and I also appreciated your comments before you sang.