Tuesday, December 22, 2009

this guy

I am thankful for this guy

he has been doing it all this past month

paper route
taking care of sick kids
sick wife

he's not always the most happy when his wife is sick...but he is willing...he is doing so much right now to just keep it all together. It has been sort of rough around here for awhile-

and yet Chay keeps plugging along...

I really appreciate you.

love you Chay.

pictures taken by JANNA


Heather said...

I feel so many emotions when I read this.....but happy is what I feel most, I am so happy for you! I wish that life was a little easier right now, but I am so happy that you guys have each other!!!!

Niels said...

I honestly don't know how Chay is doing all of that right now. Hang in there, buddy. Those pics are professional...very cool.

Calie said...

I love Chay too! Those pictures are so cute! I love them in black and white. Hang in there April!

Tara said...

Like Niels mentioned - we honestly don't know how Chay has been able to manage everything. Wow! He's a good man! Go brotha!

Hollie said...

Aren't husbands wonderful? I felt so bad when I was pregnant and sick because Jared did absolutely everything around here. And what he wasn't able to do usually just didn't get done at all.

Chay is a good guy. Hope things get better soon.

Dorene said...

April, So sorry that you are feeling so crumby, but so happy that you have a man that rises to the occasion and does what has to be done. You are blessed. Merry Christmas.

Tiffani said...

Chay you look so handsome!

JP Anderson said...

He's always been a great example to me. Good man Chay!

leah said...

April! I Love you... I Miss you.. I just looked at your blog for about the last hour and It's awsome! Your Family is Beautiful! I was trying to figure out where to send you a message and I guess this is it! If you need someone to understand your woes of pregnancy boy have you found her!! I puke for 40 weeks!! Ahh where's the justice?! So your braver than me going for three!! Cant wait to talk!! Hope you have a "good" day.

Mrs. Olsen said...

Great pictures. Way to be a stud cousin Chay!

Julander Family said...

I AM SO SORRY! I just checked my blog a day too late apparently! I totally would have helped you out and made some pumpkin heaven and brought recipes. I am so so sorry! I wish I would have gotten your note sooner. Call me next time, my cell is 605-3489. We should have a girls night soon. Let me know what would be good for you.


PS those pics of CHay and the girls are SOOOO cute

The Checks Mix said...

Holy cow! I had no idea you were pregnant! Goodness--I am SO sorry you are so sick. It is SO much harder being pregnant with kids. You just wish they could take care of you instead of visa versa. I love the idea of a 1st trimester spa/resort! Let's start it!
Your pictures are amazing! Absolutely gorgeous family you have! Maybe we can come visit you in Utah soon to take your mind of your sickness.