Tuesday, February 23, 2010

healing segment2

Wow I feel great...I really do.

I know how my engine runs now...which I know is different than others...and that is ok. Some can put in the cheap gas and run just fine, but my body needs the super super duper highest octane premium fuel they make.

I am so intrigued now with how I function and work...because I can see such an amazing reversal in how I feel.

My brain is so clear. I have more energy than I have had for a long time and I even feel adventurous. The only bad part is that I am back to wanting to do a million things at once- but I am also back to feeling confident about my goals.

People who are cloudy in the brain are the only ones who understand something is missing when trying to process feelings, accomplish tasks- figuring out the day can even be a challenge- especially when feeling wasted and inadequate is looming over you. I know it sounds weird, but like I said, only for those who understand--understand.

Not so much cloudiness anymore...

Here is a shake I make almost every day- sometimes twice a day. I absolutely love it.

1/2 cup non sweetened soy or almond milk
1 peeled lime- the big limes
half english cucumber
1 tomato
1 scoop supergreens
2 big handfuls of baby spinach
1 avocado
tray of ice cubes

blend it.

I have had quite a few people ask me what eating "alkaline" means. I will explain it later. Got to go.


Marne said...

You inspire me April! I know my body must be the same. Because I have been eating like crap and I feel like crap. How can we feel good when we eat so much CRAP? I am off to buy fresh foods to eat this smoothie twice a day. I am going to eat better! Oh, and what is an English cucumber?

Delia D'Nell said...

I told Chay I was interested in the alkaline diet...not necessarily doing it but why you do it and the benefits.

What is super green?

Cami said...

I'm so glad you're feeling better! Amazing what a difference good-for-you foods make. I'm getting myself psyched up to do a 2-week sugar fast. I have NO self control and I've GOT to get a handle on things. Thanks for the inspiration!

Elissa said...

I'm glad you're feeling better. that shake sounds good. I'm going to have to try it. And thanks for the "little something" on my front porch. It didn't freeze--and it looks fabulous! I can't wait to make some yummy guacamole!

Keith said...

This is Bev on Keith's computer...you are inspiring. We have made some healthy goals for the next 3 months. You are a good example to us!! What is stevia? Love you. Bev and Keith

Marie said...

Hi April. What kind of mixer is that? It looks like the Vitamixer.

April said...

Hi Marie, that is a blendtec blender- sort of like Vitamix- same price anyway- I was able to buy mine from a friend so I didn't pay so much...but I love it. It has been perfect for eating healthy and juicing. It is one strong mean machine.

Blendtecs seems to have a higher consumer rating than vitamixes- but I think they both do the job pretty well.