Sunday, February 14, 2010

my v-day

Woke up to heart shaped pancakes and meat and egg burritos.

Chay was busy making the day special for everyone. I then asked him, "Do you love me...most ardently?"

He then said, "of course...your pancakes are hearts...and you must have just watched one of those movies where they talk in weird English didn't you?" I guess he hasn't read yesterday's post yet :)

Then sitting around breakfast, my valentine gives me a red shaped heart box. It's full of chocolate. That was really sweet.

Kenzie comes walking out a few minutes later with a little box with a bow around it. When she handed me the gift I knew immediately what it was. I got teary eyed and so did Chay. This is what I found inside the box: (my camera doesn't do close ups very well...but I still had this picture on hand)

My wedding ring. Not the one I lost 3 years ago, but an identical one. It was just as beautiful as ever...a little tight on my finger- an incentive to make sure it fits better after pregnancy.

But I can't stop staring at the ring...I am still sort of numb to it all. I am so taken away at how thoughtful that was of Chay.

Thank you Chay. All so very sentimental...a symbol of all these crazy wonderful years together and I promise to take better care of it this time. "And I love... I love...I love you."


Tara said...

How awesome! I'm so happy you got a replacement :) Happy Valentine's Day!

JP Anderson said...

Chay, you're the man! And a more deserving wife he couldn't have gotten.

The Wright Stuff said...!!!!! That is soooooo awesome!!! What a wonderful day!

Tiffani said...

It's beautiful - I forgot what it looked like. Chay scored some points!

Rachel said...

How sweet. That ring is SO beautiful!

Calie said...

Oh April I am crying right now...its a good thing my kids are in the other room I feel kind of silly. :)I am laughing at the same time.
I am so happy for you. are a rock star!