Saturday, March 20, 2010


Poor Chay...sick with something funky. Fever, chills, nausea...

We cancelled all birthday plans so the guy can get better.

He is so quiet and relaxed when he is sick. Doesn't say much...just wants his head scratched.

Chay is 29 today.

Chay has the biggest heart.
He hates when people and family pre-judge him. It crushes his spirit.
He is SMART. Mechanics, electronics and carpentry stuff come very easy for him.
He is the perfect FRIEND. Kind to EVERYONE he meets.
He is not a communicator of words...yet he is very easy to read.
He likes to take baths...even in our bathtub which is about 3 feet too small for him.
He is healthy. (not this week but for the most part I am astounded with his energy)
He is tall. He is handsome. You should see him in a suit.
He is a hard worker.
He doesn't ever put his shoes away...and he HATES doing the dishes with a PASSION.
He makes everyone feel comfortable.
Chay is funny. Chay has the best laugh...the most contagious smile.
He cares about people and gets mad when they make silly mistakes.
Chay loves talking 4wheeler-motorcycles-anything-with-an-engine with his brothers.
Chay is a people guy.
Chay is protective. Mr. Safety. Careful. Watchful.
Chay is a good Daddy. He is our prince in shining armour around here.
Chay loves God.
Chay is a fighter for his family and his relationships. He is not a quitter.
He is deeply committed.

Happy birthday Chay. love you.


Emily Taylor said...

Happy Birthday Chay!!

Love the picture of him painting Kenzie's nails. Did you get a new camera? You pictures look great.

Tara said...

Happy Birthday Chay! Sorry you aren't feeling good - we were excited to watch the girlies so you could have a happenin' birthday outing.

Like Emily - I loved that picture of you painting Kenzie's nails. Way to go, daddy!

We love you and think you are great - and ditto everything wonderful that April said about you. You're amazing!

Tami said...

Happy Birthday! It's the pits that you are sick on your b-day...booo to that! We hope you get feeling better quick. It was good to see you last weekend. I feel like winter and sickness has kept us inside FOREVER!

Tisha Lou said...

Happy birthday Chayman! Bummer you are sick on your birthday and its a Saturday too! Get better soon so you can party! love ya

Tonya said...

Happy Birthday! Hope you get feeling better soon and can reschedule the festivities!

Julander Family said...

I guess our festivities are rescheduled too! But it sounds like you had double plans that were forgotten!!! We are enjoying some good fejoada tonight! I hope Chay feels better soon! Happy Birthday Chay.

Calie said...

Chay!!! Happy Birthday! I love the picture of you painting Kenzies nails. What a great dad! Sorry you sick. Hope you feel better soon. I think with Aprils care you should heal up fast. Try her green drink! hahahaha

Elissa said...

Happy birthday Chay! Thanks for parting with your wife for a few hours on Saturday. Hope you're feeling better!