Tuesday, March 16, 2010

healing segment

so about 2 weeks ago I burned my tongue really bad tasting a homemade minestrone soup I was making. It had more vegetables than normal and quinoa instead of pasta...but honestly it was gross...I messed up on the spices and I kept hoping it would taste like Olive Garden's.

Nope. Not even close. (anyone have a good minestrone soup recipe that I could alter?)

But it was the whole burning tongue thing that became such a burden...so munching on spinach leaves without taste buds didn't go over too well with me.

I couldn't taste much for 3 days and my tongue hurt so bad. Then Chay came home with a half gallon of ice cream and nothing sounded more lovely on my burnt tongue...and you know, it was lovely. I also made cookies and stopped drinking my supergreens for a couple days...On Sunday of last week I could tell I was feeling icky...fatigue, headaches, cloudy, weak, achy...and by Tuesday I came down with a horrible sore throat. Wednesday it moved to my chest...and ever since then I have had the worse chest cold. The coughing is out of control.

My body is sensitive. I KNOW the sugar and dairy jeopardized my immune system...I just know it. Plus I am pregnant...which never helps the immune system either.

Many of you disagree with me on the dairy thing. Trust me, I want to disagree too. I love dairy. Who doesn't love yogurt, cheese, and a big tall glass of milk with a peanut butter sandwich? But I also almost married the wrong guy once...loved him dearly...but oh so so wrong for me...it was NEVER meant to be.

I'm not 100% sure humans should be so dependent on the cow as much as they are...we can't live without the cow...have you ever noticed? moooo moooo and they're really dumb animals. Trust me I know- we raised cattle until I was 12. My dad knows how to talk to them. He knows how to call to them and they'll follow him. True farmer that man. But cows really are so stupid. They just stand out in a field all day looking around and eating. It convinces me on a very small level that their only purpose in life is to be eaten...mooo mooo

ok so now I am trying all I can to heal my cold fast. Back on track. Burnt tongue no more. Green drink several times a day. Herbal tea, colloidal silver, steam facials, blessings, prayer...I'm trying it all- I'm kind of forced to being pregnant since I can't take anything over the counter...I was dreaming of downing NyQuil the other night.

Does anyone out there have a perfect natural remedy for bad colds? Charity? Cami? You two come to mind. Please share. Charity, I remember you telling me about this grapefruit extract thing you would do????

I am starting to feel a little better...still a nasty cough...but hopes are high.

ok several questions have been asked about my weird way of eating...and it is weird...makes perfect sense to me, but weird...especially with our culture.

moooo mooooo

I will answer the questions when I have more time. Took too much time writing about stupid cows.


The Wright Stuff said...

I totally agree April! I want to get on your healthy eating green drink thing! I am nursing Berkley and I have cut out all dairy because I noticed that when I would eat cereal, ice cream, yogurt and cheese, she was extremely fussy. I'm not a huge milk drinker anyways, but it's frustrating that I can't even have it at all right now, unless I want Berkley (and me!) to be completely miserable! ;) Is there a website you get your green drink from?

Delia D'Nell said...

April, my mom recently had a similar cold and she swears that sage tea helps take the cough away. We grow sage and dry it. She really just boils the dried sage in water and then drinks it. It's not too bad really. I can get some sage for you if you would like and send it home with Chay.

April said...

I would love some sage D'nell. But I can just buy the tea at the health food store can't I? I am so desperate right now...willing to try anything.

I need to get better dang it.

Cami said...

You know I agree with you on dairy. I could go on for a long time about milk and how it's not all the National Dairy Council would have us believe.

Yeah, about your chest cold. I can really only suggest mentholatum (rub it on your feet at night) and using a humidifier. For your cough, try swallowing a teaspoon full of honey. It will soothe the cough, especially at night so you can sleep.

I also asked my sister about it. She has done enormous amounts of research on natural remedies, and especially during pregnancy. She'll get back to me, or comment on here for you.

Hollie said...

I love minestrone soup from the Olive Garden...so good.

I'm not much help with any of the questions you asked, but if your friend does have a grapefruit remedy I have plenty I can bring over to you. Jared accidentally bought a bag full the other day instead of oranges. I'm not sure what to do with all of them.

Hope you feel better soon!

Calie said...

Its time for me to go on the green drink too. Why an I dreading it so much?