Friday, March 26, 2010

childhood books

Nothing like a book to satisfy my inner weakness:

When I would read this book growing up, I secretly wanted it to snow chunks of white wonder bread.

Years past and I forgot about the book but the wonder bread obsession stayed...I think the obsession is finally gone...but a storm of chocolate mint ice cream would be nice. But since I'm eating ultra healthy...I guess an asparagus hail storm would have to do...imagine an endless supply of asparagus on our front lawn...(that was for you Chay)

Years later I found the book "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs" downstairs in my parent's house. Joette and I were reading it for the first time in probably 15-20 years. We laughed so hard.

Our conversation, "who let's children read these kind of books? Because of this book, we now subconsciously fantasize about the pancake mountain!" We then confronted Mom and tried blaming her for buying the book...We were kidding obviously...but seriously not a healthy book for someone with food obsessions...and I am steering clear from the movie.

And then we got to the famous Henry books by Robert Quakenbush. Joette and I decided on the same night to read some more books from our childhood that have caused us to deal with certain "issues" in our life. Oh it was so fun to pull these books out and read them out loud. Joette, mom and I were laughing so hard...who knew children's books could be so entertaining...and destructive.

Has anyone out there read these books??? Do they stress anyone out like they stress me out? Henry the Duck is a basket case with an obvious overly manipulative friend named Clara. I would say Henry has some sort of addictive obsession with pleasing Clara. Joette and I both agreed we have had to deal with a couple "Claras" in our life. I swear Robert Quackenbush had a serious case of OCD.

So I brought these books home with me and now they're in the bookcase. And yes I read them to my girls. And yes Kenzie gets overly worried about Henry not getting to Clara's birthday party on time.

What books did you read when you were little?


Tara said...

I haven't read any of these books. I think you are ok watching the movie "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs" - actually teaches that excess isn't best.

I'm curious about the books - I may need to come over and read them... :)

Tami said...

We have the book "Cloudy with Chance of Meatballs". My kids really like it. I think right now they wouldn't even know what white bread was versus wheat bread...we just eat wheat bread. And I never even thought about it causing problems. My boys just think it is silly. I haven't read the other I'm curious about their stories too!

Cami said...

Mmmm. Thanks a lot. Now I am craving fluffy white Wonder bread. We don't buy it (of course), but I do love white bread.

April said...

Tami, it was kind of a joke...These books really didn't cause childhood scars or anything...I'm more than positive it is ok for kids to read these books...My sister and I just had a fun time relating our lives to children's books.

Elissa said...

We had the Henry's awful mistake. I think about that book every time I happen to see an ant in my house. I could never understand how the whole house floated away because of a leaky pipe.

And cloudy with a chance of meatballs was my FAVORITE book to get from the library. I don't remember if there are donuts, but after reading it I was always hungry and wanted donuts.

If you want to talk about food-obsession books, don't forget James and the Giant Peach. I always CRAVED peaches while I was reading that book. But I guess at least peaches are healthy.

Solveig said...

I loved Henry's Awful Mistake! And now that I have a son named Henry I'll definitely have to get him a copy.

We had a ton of books growing up so I'm sure I'm forgetting some, but I do know that we liked the Frog and Toad books, Amelia Bedelia, and everything by Roald Dahl. My favorites when I was a little older were The Indian in the Cupboard and Harriet the Spy. I still read both of those every once in awhile!

Marne said...

We have that book. Logan loves it. We took the kids to the cheap theatre to watch it last year and it was cute. One of my favorite childhood books was called "Trees" I blogged about it a few years ago. I also loved that book "A Giant Jam Sandwich" and "Sylvester and the Magic Pebble."