Tuesday, April 06, 2010

life's blessings

woke up this morning to a snow plow's light flashing across our room...(our room faces the street). I quickly looked outside and witnessed an April nightmare.

According to the news we got 7-10 inches of snow...how wonderful! I told Chay we just better conform and stop fighting the weather here and invest in some new snowboards...

This weekend was General Conference: POWERFUL!

The music was breathtaking. When the Tabernacle Choir sang "This is the Christ" a flood of emotions came over me and I told Chay "I wouldn't' be surprised if the angels sing this song when Christ comes again." I am so grateful for music. A lot of times people start talking or go to the bathroom when the choir sings during conference- NOT IN MY HOUSE! You have to be dead quiet. I feel the spirit the most when the choir sings.

I am so grateful for conference. I loved all the messages about strengthening the home. There were so many talks about how the family and home are under attack and how we can strengthen our families through the teachings of Jesus Christ. It was a wonderful way to celebrate Easter. 20 minute Easter Egg hunt and 4 hours of Conference...LOL...my poor girls- well at least they know what the priorities are around here. They got princess glass slippers...and their eggs were filled with quarters...so they couldn't be happier.

Had another ultra sound yesterday. BiG Boy coming our way. He has big lips like his daddy. I hope he looks just like Chay.

Oh what a neat experience to witness...ultra sounds are so amazing aren't they?

I had a dream about my baby last night. I don't remember much but I remember he being a really cute little boy...and that my labor with him only lasted 5 minutes before he was born. That is when I knew I was dreaming.

Life is good. Full of blessings.


Elissa said...

The snow plow woke me up too. I was kind of depressed that day because of the snow. But the sun's out today, so that is good. Yay for your ultrasound! you guys have beautiful children, so I know he's going to be cute! And maybe your dream was just forecasting an easy breezy 5 minute labor....
It could happen, right?

Tara said...

We'll pray that your labor is indeed 5 minutes. That would be great.

Gage keeps praying for "my Juju" and "my Kenzie" each night - and asks me each day when he gets to see them again.

Julander Family said...

5 minute labor! Bring it on! I'm gonna wish it on all of us pregos around here! Whoever's the closest wins a....to be announced!

Mrs. Olsen said...

Ah...conference was great, even despite the snow.

Thanks for the condolences on the blog. I honestly don't think I could handle losing a parent or child (like you have). I admire your fortitude and love for your mother.

Take care!