Wednesday, May 19, 2010

sleeping children

What is it with children when they sleep? They suddenly turn into these magical perfect little angels sent from heaven who could do no wrong.

I mean let's be honest all parents love it when their child is asleep for the night. I don't know what it is- instant relief? peace, quiet...all of the above?

I know that at least with me when the kids are asleep I am rest assured that I can't do anything wrong for the next 10 hours or so that will catch me in a bad mommy moment- they are ASLEEP, they are in a different world, they are doing exactly what they should be doing- I have no reason to yell, ignore, complain, or gripe at them.

But funny enough- when they ARE finally sound asleep, I can't seem to leave them alone. One of my favorite things to do is to go into the girl's room every hour or so and watch them and rub their soft cheeks. I usually pray for them during this time.

My girls look so dang innocent when they're asleep. Their skin is flushed- long eyelashes- perfect lips. Heaven feels so close. I swear every mom and dad recommits to being a better parent when they watch their children sleep. It's like something slaps you over the head "Look how incredibly special they are!"


Heather said...

this is sooooo true! When I got all my boys down for quiet time... I sighed. Tonight as we were brushing the kid's teeth, I was thinking about how relieved I would be when they were all in bed. Then I felt bad. Then I realized it was a good thing for them to sleep and for parent's to have time to rejuvenate... because parenting is hard... every ounce of energy gets sucked out of you. That is a sweet thing to go and pray by their side. Cute little angels!!!

Calie said...

I do the same thing...recommit to being a better parent as I watch them sleep. I think they look so angelic when they sleep because their countenance looks so pure. I love to pray for them too when they are all sleeping soundly all snug in their beds. That protective nurturer comes out in me.
Your girls are so darling.

The Wright Stuff said...

I totally do the same thing! I just did it right before I sat down to look up something on my computer. It's 10:00 AM and Hudson AND Berkley are still sleeping!!! I am going to start praying for them during these precious moments... what a wonderful idea!!! Have a wonderful day!