Sunday, June 20, 2010


grateful to have a great daddy.

Sure he's got his quirks- as do I. But my dad is loyal, honest, and loving. I love my Dad. He is easy to love and forgive...he is humble and protects his family like a dad should. I am so grateful I don't have bitter feelings toward him. I can't imagine life living each day not liking him and being upset with him. My Dad, along with my Mom, really created an atmosphere of trust, love, and forgiveness in our home. They must have- because despite our many problems, our family is full of trust, love, and forgiveness. So thank you Dad.

Grateful for my children's Dad- Chay. Sometimes I have to pinch myself to make sure I'm not dreaming when I see Chay with our girls. He can be the best Daddy. Oh my- like yesterday at the Zoo- so patient and so willing to help the girls have the best experience. I love his little talks with each one at bed time. Washing their hair and giving them a bath. Pushing them on the tire swing. Scratching Ju Ju's back. Making them laugh hysterical with his funny sense of humor and magic tricks.

It brings tears of gratitude to my eyes to know that my girls are going to grow up with a Dad that loves them AND shows it. My children will have a Dad that wants to be with them, wants to play, wants to take time out to be with them- oh that makes me so happy. So many children do not have that opportunity. Some dads don't know how to show love, some dads take off and never return home, some dads work too much- but my girls will have a daddy- a real daddy. One that will do anything for them.

Obviously Chay can't nurture like a mom can- and he is rough around the edges and can be quite the different disciplinarian than me, but it is ok. Because he is also loving and...he is present. He cares. He is there. He hits the 3 P's pretty well on most days. Preside, protect, and provide- in all ways those words can be interpreted.

I feel very grateful today. Happy Father's day.


Levi and Cynthia Wilde said...

Aww! That was a really sweet post! I too am very grateful to have grown up in a home with a wonderful Dad and to know that my little one is going to have a good Dad too. It is very comforting!

Oh and the watermelon....yummy yummy...thank you!!

Chay said...

Nice and sweet post. Who is this amazing Chay guy anyways? Seems like he's the must be one lucky guy to have a wife and kids like that.....oh wait, that's me!

Love you April. I'll see you soon.

Me~Kelly said...

very sweet. glad your hubby read it and i hope your dad does too :)