Tuesday, June 22, 2010

mowing the lawn

ok, here are some of the random thoughts I had while mowing the lawn tonight:

I know a lot of really good people.

I am so fortunate to say I have been blessed with wonderful friends.

I need friends. I grow and learn so much from my relationships with others.

I want to be a better friend. I think often how I can be more uplifting and more edifying to those around me.

I taught sunday school on Sunday and we learned about Jonathan and David's sincere friendship. They were so loyal to each other because God was first in their lives. Jonathan's words to David:

"behold, the Lord be between thee and me for ever." Samuel 20:23

Isn't that a beautiful friendship scripture?

I am so grateful for the people in my life who put God first and show it through their graciousness and service.

Our relationships, I feel, are the most important most tangible thing we've got here on earth to understand God's love better. People. All God's children. Touching each other in different ways...bringing light, helping, serving, acting as earthly angels. Even the relationships that suck...where there is unforgiveness, cruelty, awkwardness, hurt feelings- still an invite to become more Christ-like and to forgive and change- all ways to help us learn more about Christ.

marriage, families, raising children, friends- major growth happens- at least that is what I'm experiencing.

Learning to love others is the second most important commandment- first is to love God...and yet we struggle so much in this world with forgiving and loving people as we should. We can be so dang difficult to live with- so critical of others, so hard on each other, so hard on ourselves...relationships really are the refiner's fire...

so there you go...my random lawn mowing thoughts...

I asked Chay tonight, "What do you think about when you mow the lawn?"

he looked at me puzzled, "nothing...I think about mowing the lawn."


Mothership said...

Why, in the heck, are you mowing the lawn??? Aren't you, like, weeks away from having a baby?

And I love the Jonathan and David story too. One of the most beautiful friendships in literature.

Me~Kelly said...

great post. oh so very true. and this may be because i just lost a beloved pet, but i lump dogs into that category a bit too. they sure are a living example of unconditional love :)

i can't shut my brain off when i mow the lawn either. i would love to mindlessly mow but i think and think and think.

and oh yeah, why ARE you mowing the lawn? you are quite the trooper!

Rachel said...

You are a little nuts to still be mowing the lawn!!!!! I did totally laugh at Chay's response to your question. That is exactly what Ryan would have said to me. I think that might be too much multi tasking for guys. Very funny.

Whitnie said...

J and I have referred back to your lesson multiple times this week.

Your right, alot of good things can come from good friends. I need to be a better friend in many ways. I guilty of loveing people really, but secretly wanting them to fail to boost myself. Not good! I'm working on it, and I really do think I'm alot better already.

Thank you for your lesson. It did help me pin point what I need to work on.

Whitnie said...

Oh, and I do that all the time, think about random stuff while working/cleaning. All I have to say to J is "I've been thinking," and he'll say "You've been cleaning haven't you."

Tami said...

Great thoughts while mowing the lawn...it sure gives you some time to think! What do I think about? Hmm....I guess I'll find out tomorrow. The lawn is calling my name.

Cami said...

I can't believe I didn't read this post until today! I love the story of David and Jonathan. And I agree with you - so much of life is really about relationships. In fact, the older I get, the more I realize it's really all about how we treat other people.