Tuesday, June 01, 2010

operation home cont.

bunk beds.

With baby #3 coming...and with a little house, it was bunk bed time. Changing the bed situation around here was inevitable.

When the bedrooms in your home are relatively SMALL- your kid's beds have to go up. Chay and I even entertained with the idea of having bunk beds. "Think of all the extra space we would have in our room without this queen bed..."

It was a short-lived idea.

anyway so I found this bunk bed at a yard sale for $15.

old and very used...but with potential

sanded a little, primed, and painted...

I really love how the beds turned out. Perfect for the girls.

We also painted the room, hung new chair rail and crown molding- I'll post pictures of the room later...

The excitement of bunk beds has been interesting. My girls for the first 3 weeks of "bunk bedding" acted like they were on cocaine at bedtime. They laughed and giggled for hours. I mean hours. They wouldn't fall asleep until 11 o'clock some nights. They would see each other through the cracks and start laughing uncontrollably. Kenzie would peek down at Julia and again...out of control excitement. Who needs theme parks or McDonald's playland??? They are finally calming down...but wow- childhood. Great isn't it?

Ju Ju is a bunk bed pro. No problems whatsoever with the change from crib to bed. She did however sneak out of her bedroom once to get a toy out of the living room. Chay and I were watching a moving in the basement and we thought someone was breaking into our house...but no it was just Julia getting her butterfly wings by the piano...it was pitch black upstairs and all we could hear were little feet on the wood floors running as fast as they could go back to the bedroom and jumping in bed. So cute.


Me~Kelly said...

first off, the girls are ADORABLE :)
and secondly, the bed looks great! you have a real talent here.
its like magic :) ta-dah!

Mothership said...

April! They look wonderful! I love the floral pillow on each of the beds, too. So cute. Frugal becomes you. (:

Kiley said...

Super cute! I am just prepping for this exact project - now I'm excited!

Levi and Cynthia Wilde said...

I am once again amazed at what you can do! I once sanded and painted an old dresser....but lets just say it didn't turn out very well. Me and my sister had bunk beds forever!In fact I have them downstairs in one of my bedrooms so my kids can have them. They were so super cool. We would play on them and build forts and whatever on them all the time.
we loved them ;)

Calie said...

April great bunk beds. I love them. Those pictures are so darling. I love you!