Wednesday, October 12, 2011

a boy

Having a boy is an entirely new experience.
I Love it.
I think it's funny.
I hate going to the store now.

Xander's heightened sense of curiosity makes for "a bad mommy" scene at places that require children to stay still for long periods of time. He either screams his head off or he is knocking 20 bottles of ketchup off the shelf.

My girls would never leave my side no matter how mobile they had become.

I love the "warned about" energy that comes with the boy package...
But the messes in the house have escalated to a whole new level.

This boy is into EVERYTHING!

He is fascinated with large quantaties of small items hidden in secret places--like feminine products for instance. I'm still finding random tampons in the weirdest places all over the house...lovely.

However, Xander is by far my easiest baby when it comes to understanding his specific needs. He knows what he wants and does whatever it takes to get it--like his Daddy!...or is that a male specie generality? If so? Love it.

But I wouldn't be quick to say boys are less emotional than girls...not at this age anyway. That boy stereotype does NOT align well with Xander. He loves to express every emotion besides happiness with screaming and tears...and sometimes it drives me up the wall. But then he looks at me and my heart melts..."why are you so out-of-control adorable?"

As soon as he started to recognize other objects in the world besides my face and boobs, Xander was instantly drawn to cars, balls, trucks, guns and motorcycles. Really? I thought on some level that maybe all that boy stuff was a learned behavior. It IS NOT. He is already humming and shifting gears when he pushes his toy truck around the floor. Fascinating.

So what about in the olden days? Before cars and anything motorized? Did little boys make gun shot and horse whinny sounds? Cowboys and Indians? Well it sure isn't PC to play that anymore :)

Although Daddy might be really cool...

Mommy is the most sought after special thing in the world to Xander. It's like he can't get enough of me. I'm his number one girl--what can I say? I've had mommies with little boys inform me of this obsession...

and I'm more than willing to deal with it. 

Love my boy.


Tara said...

I'm only aware of how boys behave, and yes lots of energy! It will be interesting to see how we do with a little girl around the house.

Look forward to our famous birthday call tomorrow night :) Big day for you - HAPPY BIRTHDAY (early).

Tami said...

So true. I'm loving the grocery store with Kalissa! I'm AMAZED at how quiet she is. Totally different than a boy! And yes, cars, trucks, name it is a boy gene they are born with. They are DRAWN to them! Love your post and cute pictures. He is adorable!

Lindsay said...

Ok, he is darling. I bet it's so fun to see the differences between raising your girls and now little Xander. They really do play so different. I love all the little boys sounds... so funny.

Natalie Jane said...

I love having a boy. So much easier. And so much more cuddly!

Me~Kelly said...

boy oh boy is that boy cute!

Lisa said...

Cute post! Having 3 boys myself I can TOTALLY relate!

Anonymous said...

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