Tuesday, October 04, 2011

spinach for the soul

ok, some of you have read my blog for awhile and have heard me talk about or write about eating alkaline.

What is eating alkaline you might ask? I really don't want to explain it all. But there is a link at the bottom of this post if you're interested. But basically it's a really weird way of eating...especially in our American culture. You know, like eating kale and collard greens for breakfast. Really weird.

But what I do know is that eating this way works wonders on this precious body of mine. It is a theory that I feel is the correct way for me to eat. Whenever I eat this way I feel on top of the world. I have tons of energy, bounce in my step, clear mind, lose weight, and I'm less irritable. :)

Ok, so yesterday I decided to do something really weird. My b-day is in 9 days. 100% alkaline foods besides oily fish (neutral) and cut out all acidic foods until I am the lovely age of 32.

Can I do it??? Yes I can. Yesterday I woke up with this new crazy idea.

It will be my gift to myself. It will be hard.

Yesterday I was craving sugar and bread all day. I ate mostly almonds, cucumbers, peas, green beans, salmon (neutral), tomatoes, celery, almond butter. I even felt a little sick from changing my diet suddenly. I peed a lot from the green drink.

 But this morning I woke up feeling great. I still want to eat those yummy granola bars in the pantry...but day 2 is almost gone. I even made homemade rolls and didn't eat one! I love the challenge. In about a week the cravings should be gone.

HERE is an awesome reference of what and what NOT to eat while following an alkaline regimen.

and HERE is a great explanation of what this whole shin dig crazy diet is all about.


Tiffani said...

You are turning 32 this year? Good luck on your goal - I know you can do it.

Me~Kelly said...

i'm interested.

are we really only a year(ish) apart in age?

Anonymous said...

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