Friday, November 30, 2012

the rental

After getting this 2012 Chrysler rental from the insurance company...I went into total denial that we actually need to buy another car. Can't I just have this one? It is parked in my driveway right now. I drive it everywhere like it's mine. New, cool buttons everywhere, doors open from the key fob, GPS, and much more. It is such a relief to drive after a crappy week. Can't we just keep it? It is only $35,000.   

It isn't a SUV like we want but wow, I can totally see how moms fall in love with their vans. Convenient! Will fit 4 kids perfectly-smaller, cheaper to drive...and parking is doable. I also don't have to worry about the doors hitting the car parked next to ours. The slide door thing is....rad.  My kids feel closer too. They seemed pretty far back there in the Suburban...I can actually have full on conversations with those in the 3rd row without saying "huh?" or "what?" 20 times. 

Maybe...we might get a van???? 


Ryan said...

It took me years before I would even look at a minivan. After our SUV got demolished, we got a minivan. LOVE IT! Much more kid friendly and am a fan of sliding doors. Plus, I still can fit a bunch of Garage Sale finds in my van!

Ryan said...

Comment above from Tonya!

Tara said...

Yes, more convenient... not as much of an eyepiece :) (at least not mine) and cheaper. I might laugh a little if I saw Chay driving a minivan though because he has been so ANTI (but haven't we all been at times?)!

JP Anderson said...

Do the Odyssey and tell Chay we can still be friends in public.

Me~Kelly said...

Didn't you do a post about a SwaggerWagon once?


Calie said...

Vans can be cool:) Swagger Wagon baby!

Tiffani said...

So, what did you get?

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