Saturday, January 19, 2013

flu you

We are at the tail-end of all having the dreadful flu. Chay had it the worst and he was the only one who got a flu shot. Go figure. That flu shot is such a joke.

Well I was sort of freaking out about my life because we were dead to the wind and sicker than dogs and the house was starting to go under. It was pretty much disgusting and I knew there was a possibility I could go into labor and what a nightmare to be sick and have a baby at the same time. I was fortunate enough or the least fortunate to be the only one who didn't seem to be as severe as the rest. Therefore I was counted on to take care of everyone, including Daddy- which overwhelmed me because of all the pain I am dealing with being 9 months pregnant.

All the crying, coughing, cleaning up puke, ear drops, the fevers, getting up several times a night to tend kids was almost it's like 10 degrees outside and the "inversion" is so thick and nasty that there was literally no place for us to go. (little thing about Utah that I'm not a big fan of.. the air quality in the winter). So we were left to look at each other with our watery scratchy eyes and red noses. Thank you Netflix for saving us on those long long sick days.

Kenzie in the background cracks me up. Here is a classic picture of how we felt a couple days ago. Everyone was so miserable. 

Chay swears by the remedy of taking hot baths when he is sick. He would take 3-4 a day and insisted the kids did the same. Everyone had the chills so bad, the bath felt amazing. I am sure our gas and water bill will be amazing as well.

So now that we are somewhat feeling better besides the lingering cough and all that lovely mucus, I am faced with the reality that I might have a child any day and "nesting" comes into play big time.

Today we spent the entire day deep cleaning everything. Every sheet, blanket, pillowcase, mattress cover- all in the wash. I got down on my knees and cleaned my kitchen floor if you can believe it. Chay and Xander cleaned and disinfected the bathrooms and Julia and Kenzie were awesome with dusting and picking up...Kenzie insisted she vacuum the the baseboards and so I let her...probably something I will have to re-do when she is at school. But bless her heart...

Julia worked forever wiping our railing and banister that goes downstairs. It gets so gross with sticky finger prints and since I love white woodwork I guess I better love cleaning it as well. Julia is my best worker. She complains like normal but once she gets in the groove she does not stop until the job is well done.

About a month ago I asked Julia to vacuum out the bathroom and she spent seriously 20 minutes vacuuming a 3X4 foot bathroom. She worked so hard.

Now I am wasted. My big body is tired and super achy from working all morning...

I just want to have this baby. I want to have this baby. I want to have this baby. I want to have this baby today.

I have never been so excited to feel contractions in my life. Bring on the bolting pain...I am ready for the next chapter. I am so so ready.


Tara said...

Your house sounds immaculate! Mine isn't and I haven't been "out" sick. Just lazy here. The weather doesn't help much :(

I guess I better hurry and finish the quilt so I can welcome the baby MAN properly :)

Sorry you were all sick! Terrible! That is awesome about Julia - it is such a great trait to be a hard worker. I used to be and now I'm a fair weather worker :)

Tiffani said...

You are all survivors! Corbin got that nasty flu and we quarantined him to his room so that the germs couldn't spread to us. He said he felt like he was dying.

I guess the hot bath remedy runs in the family. This week I have had a cold/laryngitis (nothing near as bad as you guys all endured) and I took several hot baths.

Sounds like you guys all worked hard today getting the house in order again. Now the baby can come. I sure he will come soon, get ready! Love you guys.

Heather said...

We'll hope and pray for you to be so healthy and have a nice labor and delivery! Hopefully the rest of the winter will be flu-free since you've all had it. Best wishes!!! Let me know when you have your baby.