Saturday, March 23, 2013


Big dentist appointment for the kids- zero cavities!!! They must all have Chay's teeth. I was so happy for them. I love love our pediatric dentist. Xander did amazing which surprised me. He had tons of support from Kenzie during the X-rays and so he was happy go lucky the whole time. Kenzie is a gem to have around when it comes to dealing with Xander's anxieties. Julia was just adorable all around talking and asking a million questions to the hygienists and dentist. She was exited all day to go and even wore a pretty necklace hoping someone in the office would notice. The cute boy dental hygienist noticed. 

We have been sort of prepping Xander lately for the big binky bye bye. We weren't exactly sure when but knew it was coming.

Today the dentist told me it had to go as soon as possible. I made sure the dentist himself told Xander so he could be the bad guy and not me.

Xander knew exactly what happened today at the dentist. He knew his binky, his best friend, his number one source for comfort was gone for good. He kept saying "no" at the dentist. I was so sad for him.

He cried non stop at Costco and in the car. He wanted his B even more because he knew he couldn't have it. Kind of like going on a diet and suddenly wanting chocolate because you know you can't. I continued to explain to him why he couldn't have his pacifier anymore. I was trying to be super kind and super attentive. I worked overtime to make him giggle. I held him as much as I could at Costco reassuring him everything's going to be ok.

Xander and I were both worried at bedtime about the binky being gone. He got into his bed and made the saddest face on earth. He was brave and didn't cry. I was so sad for him because I know how much he loves that thing. He started to whimper just a little and I asked if he wanted Dad to give him a blessing to help him sleep without his binky. He nodded, sat up in bed, bowed his head, and folded his arms. Chay and I start to cry. We just love that kid, you know? Chay blessed him that he would feel loved and comforted. He blessed him that he would learn how to talk soon as well. After the blessing I lay down with Xander and only a few shuffles and turns and...sleep. He fell asleep!!! Thank you Heavenly Father for that little gift tonight. I know the night is not over and it could get interesting as the night moves on...but still, Xander fell asleep. We know it's at least possible the boy can sleep without a binky. :)

Chay opened up to me tonight how stressed he is about life. He shared all his concerns and worries with me. He tries not to get discouraged but he has had some disappointing blows in the past couple years that leave him confused about what to do. I just love him so much that my heart just aches for him and for the load he carries. He is a wonderful person. He loves his family. He wants to succeed and provide a good life for his children. Tonight as I watched Chay place his hands on his son's head and give him a blessing over a silly binky, I knew and felt what real happiness is. I love and cherish the memories we are building as a family in our simple home. I love how the gospel of Jesus Christ can make anyone and any family happy despite their circumstances.

We will see how "happy" this little guy is tomorrow- day 2 without beloved Binky...or how "happy" mommy and daddy are on day 2 without beloved Binky.

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Tara said...

Hope Xander continues being brave. Big change! Awesome that you guys were able to find ways to comfort him and let him know he is loved.

I'm dreading when we take ours away for good. Carter is now calling his binky "bee-bee".