Monday, March 25, 2013

church callings

Daddy and Xander splash pad 2012

Chay has been teaching the 9 and 10 year old kids at church for the past year and half...maybe longer. He was released from that calling a couple weeks ago.

He is a wonderful teacher and took his calling to teach them very seriously. Every Sunday morning he was looking around the house for some kind of prop to use as an object lesson to teach his kids about the gospel. He had very good control of the class which is hard to do being the majority of his students were rambunctious boys but he claims the girls can be just as noisy.

I have sat in a couple of his lessons and he really knows how to engage the kids. He helps them learn principles in a fun way. He asks really good questions and he knows how to keep the kids laughing yet learning at the same time. He is amazing.

A couple months ago it was fast and testimony Sunday and he challenged his class to share their testimony in Sacrament Meeting. Almost all of the kids in his class got up to share their testimony. He is a powerful influence to those kids.

Chay is now in the Elder's quorum presidency. He still visits his primary class for a few seconds every Sunday. He pokes his head in the classroom and says hello. They tell him they miss him all the time. Yesterday at church he brought them all candy. Chay really loves those kids. That's what happens when you serve.

He home teaches a couple families with little children and he is so good at including the kids when he teaches the lesson to the families.

Just thought I would write this down- something wonderful to know about Chay.

I was released from my calling as well last week. I have been teaching Sunday School Gospel Doctrine for the past 3 1/2 years. It has been a really fun challenging calling for me and I have grown to love the people in my class. When I first got the calling I would cry almost every Sunday after I taught. It was so hard. It got a little easier as time went by but then again...not really. I just kept on trying to trust that God would qualify me for the job. I just kept on trying to do my best. I really did witness a lot of miracles teaching that class.

But I will admit it felt pretty good on Sunday to wake up in the morning and have nothing to worry about besides getting the family ready for church- which is stressful enough.   


Tara said...

That is awesome of Chay! I wish I had that talent/love!

And yes, I imagine getting to church with 3 little ones and a tiny one is very difficult.

Tiffani said...

You have been waiting a long time for this! Enjoy your down time while it lasts, it might not be too long. So it sounds like they snatched up Chay again.

JP Anderson said...

Not surprised. Chay's the man!

Tiffani said...

Sounds like he made a powerful impression on his class. And April I know you were a great teacher, even though I was never there to attend. I loved hearing you share your ideas and insight!