Thursday, August 07, 2014

august 6th 2014

And he's off! Said goodbye to Chay today- he left for 4 days to go on a huge dirt bike adventure up near Stanley, Idaho somewhere. I'm so excited and happy for him. He deserves this all the way. I'm also so happy he is going with my brother Keith. It means a lot to me because my family doesn't really get to spend a lot of time with Chay since we live so far away. I just love that Chay and my brothers have this little huge passion in common. Great way to get Chay and Keith to hang out. Of course I married someone like my brothers! My brothers are my heroes.

I hope no one gets hurt. I sent with Chay a very big first aid kit chuck full of everything possible. I even made sure there was migraine medicine for my brother Keith.

We signed on a second life insurance policy for Chay today before Chay left. :) Covering my bases. I am Chay's wife, not his mom. I can suggest and share my take on things but there is no way I have any business talking him out of what he loves to do. People disagree with me but I tried once up a time and it just wasn't worth it. I knew it was a lost battle before I started and it only caused contention. I loved that he rode motorcycles before we were married and I will love it all during the while.

Now I don't even think twice- go, have fun- take some cool pictures, say a prayer.

What am I going to do with the kids this weekend? hmm Julia's birthday is on Friday but we are waiting for Daddy.

Had all the kids with me tonight for Family History workshop. They played in the nursery. We had a bunch of people show up and I am ever so grateful for The Sabins who came in to save me. There is no way I can help so many people at once. I'm not good at it. Jeff and Cami came and helped several people and it was such a life saver. It is so fun to see people's faces come alive when they see their family tree go back a couple hundred years.

I've been praying for my ward. I pray they will have success and get excited about Family History. I feel so much love for them. Miracles happening all around us all the time.

My house is so totally disgusting right now. Like total disaster. Every room needs to be dejunked- I have neglected my house lately and it shows. Poor April and her messy house. Sounds like a title to a children's book.

Good night.

Oh my gosh, the power just went off. We are having a huge lightening storm outside. Crazy weather. I am sort of scared or more spooked I guess without Chay. I just realized how quiet my house is when nothing is running. The internet won't work and my phone is almost dead. I guess I better go to bed. oh my gosh, Sam just woke up and it's midnight. He is screaming.

Kill me now, Sam just fell asleep and it is 4:30 am. I think something is wrong with him- he is hurting somewhere or something. Longest night of my life. Power came back on around 1:30. The spookiness went away thank goodness.

10:00 am- just woke up. Kids let me sleep while they watched netflix. Sometimes I am so grateful for modern technology and TV!

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