Friday, August 08, 2014


Today by noon the mom-o-meter was probably tanking into the negative red. It was just a bad day, you know? I love this picture. Forget it April. 

But at night when I was tucking the girls into bed the girls made me realize that today wasn't so bad after all.

Kenzie and Julia reminded me that I got a lot accomplished today despite feeling very unaccomplished: I paid the bills, I worked on family history for Wanda who is a 90 year old gem in the ward. I cleaned the play room and organized legos. I swept the floor 5 times today. I made quesadillas. Super Mom!!! Ha!

It was just a blah-I-wish-I-could-figure-out-life-but-I-cant kind of day. I am tired and achy from lack of sleep too. Overwhelmed and hard on myself.

The best part of the long day was sitting in bed with Julia and Kenzie at bedtime. Julia turns 7 tomorrow. I loved playing with her hair and talking with her. I get so sad when my kids get older. It used to seriously get to me but I have learned to just let life be- She is so grown up for her age. We talked about what kind of man the girls should marry. We talked about Daddy who is gone for a few days.

Then there was a big spider crawling up the wall and everyone freaked out.

We bored Xander with our girl talk and he fell asleep in .4 seconds and so he missed out on the spider drama but the girls wanted to sleep with me and so since I am single at the moment, I thought it was a great idea! Julia even said as she climbed in my bed, "this is so fun for my birthday to sleep with you Mommy".

Mom-o-meter is looking better. Time to snuggle in bed with my not so little anymore girls. Looking forward to a better day tomorrow. Ju Ju- my cute little Ju Ju is 7! What in the world!

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