Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Don't want to forget a small moment with Ju Ju

Julia is just plain awesome. She is very comfortable with herself and many times she prefers to play by herself, especially if there are kids she doesn't know well over playing- or if she is way into something else like building something or in her own imaginary world, she wants to be by herself and not be interrupted. She is my only child who never wanted to sleep with me when little and has kind of been just really secure enough to know everything is okay from the very beginning.  After her miserable spout of colic for 3 months she became my best sleeper. She can be super dramatic and can scream really loud but she is generally really calm and observant. She is a thinker and very creative.

Although at nighttime when I am giving kisses she kind of changes a little and just really wants a ton of hugs. She loves being tucked in. She is a lover of soft silky blankets. She loves soft blankets and she is always snuggling up to them and kind of goes crazy because she loves the comfort of them so much. We all giggle at her and her odd obsession. She is known to steal the Sammy's soft blanket all the time- that little snitch.

She is actually a really funny girl and her personality is going to be my favorite thing about her when the kids grow up. She is witty and so smart. I can see us being best friends someday. Totally fun to hang out with, you know what I mean?

Well the other morning Sam was crying and I was still in bed. Julia walks into the room barely holding Sam. He is getting bigger and heavier and I can tell Julia was struggling to hold him. She plops Sam on my bed and then she gets into bed with me and Sam. No way! Julia rarely does this. She grabs my big fluffy down comforter and starts to get all comfortable. I swear, she loves comfortable big blankets- so funny. Anyway and then I put Sam sitting on my lap as I stayed laid down on my back and together we talk to Sammy and make him giggle. We kept trying to make him do things like "point to Ju Ju" "where's Ju Ju?" He is such a cute goofy kid with a melt-your-heart smile with his crazy wild red curly hair. Julia and I were laughing so hard at how cute he was being. Then Sammy got all quiet and he looked at us all seriously and then he let out the biggest sneeze and then he just started to giggle. It was the funniest cutest thing ever. We laid there together for some time just so entertained by Sammy- and then eventually we got hungry and went upstairs. I just really loved that little special time with Julia.

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