Tuesday, August 05, 2014

August 5th 2014

I'm just kind of not with it lately. Summer lazy days with little routine is throwing me off. I like it but I don't.

I sleep in- well we all sleep in until 9 every day. Except for Chay who leaves at 6:50 am which makes me feel sort of guilty but then again he is having a hay day at work. He loves loves his job. That really makes me feel happy for him. He deserves it.

I just stay up late at night because the house is quiet and then like a lazy bum I sleep in. Blessed is me! I have 4 children who have always slept in- and if I could get my act together I could actually sanctify the mornings as my time and make better use of my day verses staying up late and wasting the morning away sleeping.

I woke up to a text from Cami saying the kids in the neighborhood were down at the grassy hill playing soccer. So because I know my kids should run around and enjoy the cooler day, I drag them all out of bed- give them all a granola bar and tell them to run to the grassy hill to play soccer. I told them I would grab Sammy and head on out. I send a mass text to all the ladies in the ward about soccer. Cynthia across the street who fell down her front cement stairs on Sunday and really tore up her legs was limping to her car. I told her to come and to just drive to soccer instead of walk. I like it when she gets out of the house and visits with friends. Her husband is a trucker and is gone all week- she has 2 little boys.

Her car is dead. I jump it with jumper cables and the van. Eventually we get to soccer. The kids played for a couple hours while the moms talked. It was good to blab. Kids played soccer and then got bored- then it went to Red Rover which didn't end well- it never does. Then they climbed this huge grassy hill and rode down the hill in our jogger stroller. Crazy kids.

upon returning home I decided to get this online preschool thing we signed up for up and going- The preschool is for Xander but Julia still isn't reading amazing so she is doing the program as well. She is so logical. I sat and watched her take the tests on the program to determine where she is academically and I noticed that a lot of the math, money, and time questions were kind of tricky for a first grader but I could see her wheels turning and I caught on to what she was doing. It wasn't that she knew all the answers, she just knew what weren't the answers. She is smart enough to figure out what it couldn't be out of logic. It was crazy to watch her think. She was getting them all right because it was multiple choice- I had to tell her to get some wrong so that she can at least be taught the things she was guessing on.

I was so inspired to hold Julia back a year. She was barely 6 when she started kindergarten last year and she excelled pretty well but she is scared to make mistakes when she reads so she refuses to do it. So if I would have put her in K when she was barely 5 she would be entering 2nd grade not reading- NOT GOOD. I might do the same with Xander. He will be young too and watching him today barely figuring out the mouse on the computer let alone doing the preschool stuff, I knew he was still so young. We just started understanding his speech about 2-3 months ago- so first things first.

We had a massive rain storm today. Kenzie and I decided to run from the back door to the front. It was a challenge we gave ourselves. The rain was coming down so hard it hurt. Kenzie started crying. Ha ha. It was fun. Utah always has a few huge summer rain storms. Everything cools off and the air feels so clean but parts of the neighborhood were flooded. Sad.

I went to a meeting with the new Relief Society Presidency. I am on the Enrichment Committee. Today is Taco Tuesday. We usually get Del Taco because for $10 Chay brings home 30 tacos. Tuesdays are busy busy and so we justify making dinner and started a tradition. Ha ha what a lame tradition but the kids think its great. Laughed pretty hard when we watched the Lego Movie for the first time. Taco Tuesday.

Had to run home so Chay could make it to his high councilmen meeting. It is so weird. He is kind of busy but he came home around 9:30 and he was glowing. He could not stop talking about President Anderson and how special and awesome he is. Chay came home and said, "I was just taught by President Anderson for a hour and half and I feel amazing." We do have a powerful stake president. So grateful Chay is getting these neat opportunities to be surrounded by powerful influences. Even Chay's Director at work is a man of integrity and honor- which makes effective leadership.

While Chay was gone I took the kids to pick blackberries at our bishop's house. I knew they would enjoy it. Our sweet old bishop grows food instead of flowers in his front yard. He is always sharing. He was so kind to the kids. Julia was eating them faster than we were picking them. Then the kids pretended Julia was some wild animal and they got a kick out of feeding her blackberries. So funny. Xander stained his clothes along with Sam from the blackberries- stained with great memories I suppose.

We ended the night with a short scripture study because "Satan is going down" in our house. I'll explain later. Julia of course always has deep questions. I love that curious mind of hers. Then off to bed with big kisses and blackberry stained fingers. Julia always jumps in Xander's bed and Xander couldn't be happier.

These kind of days can seem kind of blah until you sit down to write about it. The kids are content with just being kids. They mostly played with Trios and watched the rainstorm. They watched a few shows of "My Little Pony" on Netflix and kind of did whatever. I thought that I might feel guilty for not having a fun filled day but they were content enough. They were home.

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