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The month of May 2014 Part 2

Monday we worked around the house. Chay is a really hard worker. He is always so busy and finishes a ton of things around the house. It is seriously so attractive. I love Chay so much. He makes my heart skip a beat- most of the time. How on earth did I get so dang lucky???? How??? Thank you to any of you angels on the other side who helped orchestrate me finding Chay. Maybe it was my children up in heaven? Who knows. I am so thankful that I served a mission. I knew I had to and I didn't know why. I know now it was so I could come home and meet Chay in Portuguese Class at BYU-Idaho. He was just this goofy kid with messy bed head hair who always wore the same red hooded sweatshirt with little holes in the sleeves. But he radiated goodness and he glowed from head to toe. When he spoke and when he laughed it was like "Is this guy for real?" He didn't have a lick of anything negative or bad about him. He was wholesome. I remember thinking "I don't know if I deserve anyone like this, but I need to marry this man- he is way too good to pass up." He was humble, funny, kind, obedient, tall! He was tall!

He also had no direction in his life. He had no clue what he wanted to do for a profession and he stressed about it for awhile. For some reason I didn't want to care. I just didn't care. I just knew that when I was around him I felt complete peace and I knew he would always be faithful to me and the Lord. I felt so comfortable around him.

Chay is a great Daddy. He takes the kids outside a lot and will give them rides on the 4 wheeler. Chay is really good with Sam and it is so adorable to see them together. On our hike it was priceless to see the girls beg to hold Daddy's hand as they walked down the steep trail.

Friday Chay interviewed for a job. He somehow knew this was the job he really really wanted. We have been doing everything on our part to advance in his career. He earned his masters degree a couple years ago, he certified with his PHR- professional human resources- he was gaining more and more experience in his current job. He was actually shaping out his future and entering a point in his life where he was becoming very qualified to advance to the next thing- whatever that was. Chay started applying and interviewing inside his own company for every opportunity he was qualified for. He asked for promotions. He was constantly being denied and he felt like he wasn't being valued for his work. He would doubt himself and get down and then he would snap out of it and just move forward always looking for better opportunities. He is resilient.

He started to apply for jobs outside his company and he would almost always land an interview and many times he was a final candidate. Far too many times we got our hopes up and then only to find out Chay wasn't selected for the position. We got sick to our stomachs a couple times- I felt like I was going to puke about a couple jobs where we were certain Chay would get it, but didn't. Why? Why?

We just kept being anxiously engaged in this good cause and praying for guidance but continually applying for jobs. Doing our part.

Chay was looking for about a year and then he stepped it up more intensely for about 3 months. We decided that we weren't going to stop until we found the job that was right. We knew we wanted something else then what we currently had. We looked almost nightly. We even applied to jobs in Texas and Alaska. Oregon, Idaho, Washington- We knew we couldn't be picky when we were relying on the Lord to direct us to where we needed to go. People can't expect the Lord's help when they put limits and boundaries on what the Lord can do for them. We have to be willing to put it all out on the table and trust the best thing will happen.

On Friday during Kenzie's Spelling Bee Chay was interviewing for a job as assistant Director of HR of a hospital. Hello, my heart and stomach could only take so much.

2 weeks before the interview Chay made a huge decision. He sold his most favorite thing (besides me)- he sold his dirt bike. We really want to push getting out of debt and pay off student loans. We talked about selling his bike for awhile but it seemed to be that ultimate sacrifice and I was going to stay out of that decision as far as I could. All I told him once was "All or Nothing. Either sell it and never look back or keep it and enjoy it. Nothing in-between." And then one day he sold it. I was so so sad for him. I decided to join and I sold a lot of things around that house that I was holding on to. I also gave up my kitchen fund and put it towards debt as well. I can live with a nasty kitchen. I am still happy even though I have 70's green linoleum going up to the ceiling.

We really wanted the Lord to know that we were willing to sacrifice anything to accomplish our goals and to keep the commandment of getting out of debt. This month we put 5K towards debt! Awesome possum. Dave Ramsey would be so proud. Dave Ramsey has been our little financial adviser. I feel that he is the perfect fit for Chay and I. Simple, easy to understand, motivating- and I love that he is Christian and implements Christian principles into getting out of debt and finances.

During all of this, Chay was preparing for a job interview. We were actually both surprised that he made it to the interview rounds. We were constantly looking for opportunities and since it was in the mindset to apply for a couple jobs a week- Chay happened to run across this specific job and said, "What the heck, why not, right?" I saw the job listing a couple times but I didn't think Chay was qualified. Chay just said, "Why would I not apply for this? It's a director position." I loved his confidence despite all the many times he had been denied. When the hospital called to set up an interview, Chay was so surprised and then he decided right away he was going to get this job. He then decided to call the hospital so he could get a feel for the job he was interviewing for. The secretary mentioned that the Director was in his office and that Chay could just ask him anything he wanted to right then. Chay jumped on the unusual opportunity and the conversation with the Director went great. When Chay interviewed, the Director said that Chay was the only candidate to call and talk to him and the secretary in person before the interview. He also said that he noticed Chay talking and engaging to other employees while waiting for his interview and was very friendly instead of just sitting there checking notes on his phone like the other candidates did- that really impressed the director.

We also got a power suit. We went down to men's warehouse and got him a real suit and decided to keep his $20 suit from Savers in the closet this time. Chay looked great. I mean, really great. :) I don't know what a nice suit does to a man, but he seemed pretty dang confident once he put it on.

The prayers- oh the prayers. Something seemed different about this job. We went to the temple and we fasted. The first interview went awesome. Chay was pretty confident but I was less confident because almost all of his previous interviews went "awesome" and they all seemed to love Chay but never worked out. So I didn't want to get my hopes up. We learned from past experience to never pray to get a job. We learned to pray for faith despite what happens. We learned to pray that those interviewing Chay will feel inspired to do the right thing and that we may remain faithful no matter what. We prayed that we could trust in God's plan for us. Chay prayed that he would say the right thing and the right words would come to his mind.

Chay came in for a second interview and he was introduced to the whole HR team he would be over. He also met with the CEO and VP of the hospital. That night we felt we should get to the temple. We were nervous and anxious and needed to feel peace about everything. We did baptisms for our own family names. I have been bringing family names to the temple because of my calling as family history consultant which makes me feel that it is something I should do and learn how to do. Now I am teaching the whole ward to do it, so we can all come to the temple as a ward and do their own ancestor's work. Pretty exciting. I am teaching a family history class every Sunday and doing a workshop at the church every Wednesday night. I will do 2 mutual activities with the YM and YW and then as a ward we will reserve 2 nights at the new Ogden Temple and have a youth baptism night and an adult session a week later- they have until the end of September to find at least one name! Awesome! It has been hard hard work but I can tell that the members are taking over and their enthusiasm makes it so easy. I just have to teach and sort of motivate- once they start, the spirit of Elijah takes hold of their hearts and helps turn them. So far I have over 30 ward members submitting names to the temple.

Okay, back to Chay.

After we did baptisms we got in the car. We were at the Brigham City Temple in the parking garage. Chay turned on his phone and we noticed he had a voice mail. Who leaves voice mails anymore?? Chay saw that it was from Kelly, the Director. Together we listened to the message and Kelly said, no matter what time it is, please call me back. So we decided to drive out of the garage for better service on Chay's phone and we parked right in front of the temple. We had this perfect view of the Brigham City Temple in all it's grandeur. Chay called back Kelly and we were holding each other's hand so tight. It kind of hurt so I had to let go and just let Chay get through this. We were sitting in his little S10 chevy truck. Kelly offered Chay the job.

But what Kelly said about Chay was so memorable besides this little small miracle of getting the job. Kelly really praised Chay and told him how impressed he was with him. He said that everyone loved Chay when they met him and even the CEO said he was a perfect fit. He said that Chay was a man of high caliber and that he knew from the first time they met on the phone that he was the man for the job. Chay got teary-eyed on the phone. It was sweet but I kept saying under my breath "don't let him hear you cry!" ha ha ha.

So since this is my blog and I can write forever about this neat experience and no one will really appreciate it, not even my children, except for Chay and I. We have been through so much together and we went through some really hard times. I know Chay was stressed for a few years and he worked so hard to become qualified in his field. We never lost sight of our goals. We kept trying to look at the future knowing where we wanted to be someday even though on some days it seemed unlikely. We never imagined we would take such a huge jump so fast and since we see God's hand in this everywhere, we trust that there is a reason. I know for one thing we will be able to serve better and if that is what the Lord wants us to do, we will be ready.

To my children and grandchildren one day- let me explain the formula and where we saw blessings from obedience in all of this:

*God loves His children and will bless them regardless. He is kind and merciful.

*If you work hard and have a goal, the hard times seem bearable...and again, trust God.

*Pay your tithing! Just do it. I have too many stories from others and myself that prove the Lord will bless those who pay tithing. It is also a way to show gratitude and love to Heavenly Father for all He has blessed us with even though we don't have to ever "earn" his love because He loves us regardless, but we grow and we love the Lord more when we serve him- just like you learn to love others around you more when you serve them. Eternal Principle.

*Pay your Fast Offerings- help the poor eat. It is our duty to help the poor.

*A few general conferences ago President Thomas S. Monson asked that we start donating to the ward mission fund. I took that as a commandment. I didn't want to question, I just wanted to follow. I knew it was a good thing and that many missionaries can't afford to serve a mission. So we just started to pay it, out of obedience. Didn't really think about it but as I reflect certain blessings it has been confirmed to me that we have been blessed for doing so.

*Going to the Temple. It's a pretty awesome place. I wish the world could feel that peace. I know you can feel peace in prayer and in nature- but the work that is performed and the time you spend there in the service for others- the quietness, everyone dressed in white, the instruction we receive- it really is the ultimatum platform for peace. It's the real deal. Go to the temple. Your lives will be blessed.

*Family History- powerful. I am so tender lately. I feel Heavenly Father's Love through the Holy Ghost so much more now since I have been immersed in doing Family History- even with helping others do theirs. I know that as we help our ancestors, they will in return help us.

*Family Home Evenings, Family Prayer, Family Scripture study- We aren't perfect at this but we are forever trying. It's because my name is Chaos. But we plow through and we make the best of it. At least we are instilling in our children's hearts a habit that we always pray together, we read scriptures daily, we have family home evening- despite how effective it really might be sometimes.

*Get out of debt. Our prayers most often went kind of like this. "Heavenly Father we really want to get out of debt. Please help us find ways to increase our income so that we can put everything extra down on debt. We want to keep this commandment and we don't want to be in bondage to anything anymore. Help Chay find a job that pays more, or be with him and his manager when Chay asks for a promotion." Those kind of words would come out of our mouths when we prayed together.
So when Chay got this job, we kept our promise and we are putting everything down on debt until it is gone. Never again.

So there- a few of the things we did that merited blessings from on high. I feel impressed to share them so they might be of strength to my posterity someday who might be going through some similar life situations. Or whoever. I know this blog is public for now but I don't think that many people read it- it has turned terribly boring for the better.

good night

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