Wednesday, September 03, 2014

blessed day

The van was dead this morning. We were going to be late for school. Luckily my neighbor Cynthia who is a dedicated stay at home mother with little ones like myself, is always home for the most part and was more than willing to shove all my kids in her little Mazda 3 and let me drive the girls to school.

Blessings of my beautiful day:

The sun was shining perfectly this morning.
I have a great neighbor across the street, Cynthia.
Thankful that I know how to jump a car.
Xander and I picked cherry tomatoes and a couple apples off our tree for breakfast
Xander helped me gather garbage to take out to the street. It's so fun being with him.
I talked to my less active neighbor about family history.
Xander and I did pre-school together
I read Elder Bednar's facebook page. He's my favorite.
Sammy has the hardiest laugh and he is so so full of love and light. CONTAGIOUS.
The teacher's aid in first grade could not stop talking about how beautiful Julia writes!
Xander and I played Memory and we built a fort downstairs.
When Sam is tired he grabs my long hair and rubs it across his face.
I pushed Xander really high on the tire swing. Gorgeous afternoon.
Julia came home in a silly mood and was making ALL of us laugh so hard during homework. Love her.
Kenzie has the best smile. She is just priceless when she giggles and laughs. LIGHT.
A dear friend came over because she was having a bad moment and we talked for an hour on my couch. I just love this friend so much.
Xander and Kenzie picked tomatoes and cucumbers out of the garden for dinner's salad.
Went to the church for the weekly family history workshop and there were 4 new people who showed up to learn and get work done!
Came home to a beautiful husband, home and family.

It was a really great day.

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