Thursday, September 04, 2014


One thing that exhausts me but I appreciate about myself is that I truly believe there's always a way. There is almost always a way to solve a problem. It can be really annoying I'm sure. Oh well.

Kenzie plays prelude in Primary now. I asked the piano player and Primary President. The Primary in our ward is small and so Junior and Senior primary are combined. It really bugs me to be honest. The older kids are in the back bored while the smaller kids in front get all the attention. I asked suggested to the primary president to split it but ha ha who am I??? Oh just a mother who wants the best experience and opportunity for my children, that's all. The primary never split. Oh and the Primary President is just awesome and she knows me well so it's okay.

I want Kenzie to feel needed with responsibilities in primary so I think having her play the prelude is pretty amazing and something she can look forward to. I might even go a step further and ask that it is made into a calling. Why not?

Kenzie has a small gift. She is great at the piano. I have sat by her side for many hours working with her and it has really paid off. She plays well for her age. One of her favorite things to do is to get my collection of piano music out and play my favorite songs. She is really good at sight reading and although she plays music she doesn't know well really slow, she is really good at figuring out the notes. Well she found a song that I used to play and sing "I just knew" and she sat and played and sang the whole song. I was busy doing other stuff and she came in afterwards and said, "Mom I just played the whole song about Mary, I Just Knew, and I felt the spirit so strong while playing it."

And that is why I want my children to learn piano.

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