Thursday, September 04, 2014


Today Sam was so so so cute. He is taking steps. 19 months and finally starting to walk.

Girls came home from school and they were so entertaining. Xander earned glitter sparkly markers and we colored with them like crazy. So fun! I was hooked. Homework time was super chaotic but it is always entertaining. Julia just goes wild. She is so good in school that I think she needs to release when she gets home.

Xander was my little helper today. He helped me make taco soup, do a load of laundry, and clean the kitchen. Everything takes longer with a little 4 year old shadowing you and wanting to help. Taco seasoning went all over the floor- ahhhh but he said afterwards "I didn't think chores were fun but they are."

I made dinner for a neighbor lady who had back surgery.

Kenzie had Sam in the stroller, Xander on his bike, Julia was in the big wheel and they were racing down the driveway into Cynthia's driveway. They just smiled and giggled for so long- it was a memory I never wanted to forget.

We reenacted the Good Samaritan story tonight for scripture study with toy dinosaurs. It was hilarious. It was perfect because the carnivore helped the herbivore heal and get better and didn't even try to eat him. Great anology for the Jews and the Samaritans relationship.

I didn't get any of my real chores done. I went to a case lot sale and it was disappointing. The prices weren't that great. Xander threw a fit because I told him I wasn't going to buy him this "Planes" toy. He just had a melt down right in the middle of the tupperware aisle. I was about to say, "You aren't allowed to come to stores with me anymore because you always ask for toys and throw a fit when I say no" But then I said, "we need to go to a million different stores that have a million toys you want and I need to tell you a million times NO so you will learn that Mommy isn't always going to get you a toy."

He is still so cute and at the end of the melt down he gave me a big hug and kiss. He's a great kid. I can't begin to write how grateful I am to have so much one on one with my Xander this year. We are going to grow so close this year. I need it and so does he.

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