Thursday, September 04, 2014

Elder Clark

Chay had a special reunion today.

Two of his missionary companions and him met up today for lunch at the Braza Grill- of course.

They talked for 2 hours.

I honestly don't know what Chay does all day at work and had no clue they got together until Chay came home tonight and told me all about it. He was just so happy to tell me how awesome lunch was and how much he loved getting together with old companions.

One of the mission companions he hasn't seen since 2002 when he left Brazil for home. His name was Elder Nelson. He totally threw Chay off guard today at lunch when he shared with Chay how being companions with him (Chay) changed his whole perspective and love for the mission. He said (Chay paraphrased obviously) "Because of you my mission turned around and I learned a lot from you on how to be a good missionary. You made me want to be a better missionary. I never told you this but I really admired you and you were my example. I look back on my mission and you were the one that helped me make a turning point to love the mission. You were my favorite companion. I begged the mission president to not transfer me because I wanted to be companions with you longer."

It was very touching.

Knowing Chay, I can only imagine how fun Chay was as a missionary. Funny, easy going, obedient, goofy, hard working-

just something that I wanted to document. Chay had no clue he had any impact on this companion of his so many many years ago. You never know...

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