Sunday, December 27, 2015


Xander told us tonight he wanted to serve a mission in Lego Land. That boy melts my heart. He is darling. He had to draw a picture in primary today of things he treasures. He drew a picture of me wearing green because green is my favorite color. He told me this in his sweet kind sincere voice. He is full of kisses and hugs.

The kids have been in bed for a couple hours. Went upstairs to check on things and all 4 of the kids were on the bottom full bunk sleeping sideways on the bed. The boys were fast asleep and Mckenzie and Julia were chatting away like best friends. It made me so happy. Everything about it.

I somehow am a mother of 5 children. My life unfolded into a mother- always knowing from the time I was young I would have children- but my life unfolded into this unexpected surrounding of love, little people, comfort, purpose.

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