Friday, December 11, 2015


The eyes-They say so much. little but big heart. So kind and gentle. Always thinking of others. The scar. Childhood. Boy.

Xander Chay melts my heart. His smile and tenderness.

Every morning without fail he always says "Do you want to hear my dream, Mom?" He loves to hug and give kisses. He is so gentle with Alice.

 According to his teacher he is obedient and respectful. Mrs. Hansen. She told me that Xander is always cleaning up and helping even though he's not asked. She wishes she could have a whole classroom of Xanders.

Xander at 5. He loves Alice, his big sisters, and singing. He loves to craft, draw, and color. He is tender and wants a lot of love and attention. He is classic for interrupting me when I'm talking to someone else- he just loves to tell me stories. He loves it when I play "Horsey Horsey go to town" with him. Oh how he giggles and laughs.

This picture was taken the first day of Kindergarten at Bravo. Everyday when I drop him off at his classroom door he tells me he loves me over and over. He waves and waves. "I love you Mom. See you soon Mom, I love you. Bye Mom." It's basically the best thing ever.

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