Monday, November 28, 2016

Summer 2016

Last night Mckenzie, Xander, and I laid out in the back of Dad's truck while everyone else slept. It was close to 11 o'clock. It was the perfect night. The air was cool which is a little rare for Utah- it was all a little nostalgic to be honest. Laying under the stars on a summer night- reminded me of when I was younger and didn't have so much to worry about. Xander asked me if I have ever seen a shooting star before. "Yes! Many times!" I realized it has been awhile since I have actually star gazed. As a child we would sleep out on the trampoline with friends and watch the night sky as we talked- or at girls camp we would lay out on the beach and watch for shooting stars. I need to take Xander somewhere far from the city so he can see more stars. I downloaded the coolest app so we could point to the stars and see what their names were. We found Mars and Saturn too. Mckenzie and Xander were so excited. Perfect.

Summer 2016 has been absolutely wonderful so far. I love love having my kids home.

 Jumping on the trampoline with a sprinkler, popsicles, swimming, late nights riding bikes, playing basketball on the street, 4 wheel rides, Lagoon, Day Camp at camp Kiesel- everyday is exciting for my kids and that is why they are so enjoyable. They really do find joy in simple things and I'm so grateful for that. The Air show from the Air Force base was going on yesterday. I know we should have gone maybe but since we only live a few miles from the base, we were able to see quite a bit from our home. The kids didn't complain. Chay made a make-shift shade tent out of a tarp. We looked so ghetto- but the kids all watched the planes and ate their 102 popsicles.

The kids did swimming lessons and they loved them. Everyone but Samson and Alice of course. I take them to a beautiful pool downtown Ogden- it's close to the mountains. They have really improved with swimming. Julia even placed in her heat during the competition races. It was so exciting to see her swim. I mean really swim! Julia is turning into a brown beauty with her endless tan olive skin. Mckenzie and Xander are splashed with freckles and sunburn. But they are all adorable to me and have summer written all over them- late nights, messy hair, sandals, happy.

We have been potty training Samson this week. Sort of a nightmare sort of okay. He is pooping 65% of the time in the toilet. He still poops in his underwear sometimes which is the grossest thing on earth. Sometimes he tries to go to the toilet but doesn't make it. I of course show frustration and sometimes even yell. Sammy just looks at me and says "I'm sorry mommy and he starts to cry" It is so heartbreaking and I give him a big hug and say I'm sorry. Hopefully he will catch on. He seems to be taking longer than the other 3. Mckenzie has been the best helper with Sam. She has encouraged him to go in the toilet and she loves helping him. She really has a gift of helping others. She enjoys it. She could be a teacher or a nurse easily. Hopefully she is a mother first, of course. Sam is beyond adorable and he is full of words now. He talks and talks and with his sweet tiny voice- it is the best thing to hear. Sometimes I just place those perfect cheeks in my hand and just beg for the memory of him as a three year old to be embedded in my mind and heart forever.

I don't know how things will work but sometimes I hope we will have perfect memory of our children when they were little when we're in heaven. Doesn't that sound wonderful?

Although change of subject sort of- we did take Samson's tonsils out about a month ago and that was a living hell for about 8 days. He was MISERABLE. I lost it a few times because he refused to take the pain medicine because it hurt him to swallow it- but once the medicine was inside him, he felt better. Oh it was horrible. He cried many tears, couldn't sleep, and he hardly ate or drank anything. Luckily that is all gone and away and we made it through. The Clarks can make it through anything- with the Lord on our side, we are resilient and hopeful. Easier to say once it's over, but I'm practicing when I'm in the thick of it. I can take tonsil pain over other types of pain any day.

Chay has the kids tonight. He took them to the drive-in theatre to watch a movie. Alice would have cried the whole time, so I stayed home. I know they are so excited and happy right now. They love being in the back of Dad's truck and being with Daddy. Summer really is magical.

Today Julia had 3 cavities filled. Just her and I went to the dentist. I love being with her. She is so easy to talk to. She is real. funny. witty. smart. logical. but she is not relaxed when it comes to anything to do with change. She was starting to freak out about the dentist but I know she was loving alone time with me. I kept teasing her not to worry, the needle was only a foot long. It made her laugh. Julia acts grown up but she is still 8. Loves toys and loves to pretend still. She will love toys forever. She loves stuff. I bought her a shake afterwards for her numb mouth. Came home and Kenzie and Xander were cleaning the whole house. The kitchen was spotless. I asked where Sam was and Kenzie had put him to sleep!! Yes!! Clark Power! She helped him go potty, fed everyone, and took cake of Alice. Dang!! I love that!

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