Monday, November 28, 2016

January-Feb 2016

Okay so Alice has the biggest warmest smile on the planet. We love love love her. She is starting to get curious with her hands and rolling over on her stomach. She is beautiful and we are all so in love with her. Xander is smitten by her and treats her with love and lots of kisses.

We have been getting so much snow this winter!! such a blessing to dry drought stricken Utah. Julia and I went on our own Sunday walk this morning just the two of us. She loves snow. We put on our snow boots and together we walked NOT on the shoveled sidewalks but on the high banks of snow piles created by snowblowers and shovelers. It was such a workout. It was so fun. Then we walked to the grassy hill that isn't so grassy. At least 2-3 feet of snow. We played tag in the tennis courts. Julia leaped over the tennis net and then fell right into the snow. She was freezing but laughing. I then put her hands into my coat sleeves to warm her up and we giggled most of the way home. It was perfect. I felt like a kid again- playing in the snow with her. A memory I don't want to forget.

Xander and I made muffins together yesterday. We wanted to surprise the girls with an afternoon snack. He also had a substitute the other day for Bravo Kindergarten. As I picked up Xander from the classroom, the substitute pulled me aside and told me that Xander is the kindest most sweetest boy. She said the kids were extra rowdy and naughty today because she wasn't their real teacher but Xander was obedient and quiet the entire time. The next day Xander's real teacher said that the substitute even wrote in her text how wonderful Xander was.

Kenzie taught Family Home Evening. She read the scripture in Romans 8:16  "The Spirit itself beareth witness with our spirit, that we are the children of God:" Then we talked about being daughters and sons of a Heavenly King. She had us all make crowns and then it just got funny. Mine turned out really weird and they were making jokes about it looking like Ramsey's hat on Prince of Egypt and I know- I know that reading this- it doesn't appear to be funny but it just was during the moment and everyone was laughing pretty hard. Kenzie also made baby Alice a crown and of course Chancho. Family is great. 

Chay and Kenzie have had the opportunity to spend some one on one time together these last couple months and it makes me so happy- and it makes Kenzie even happier. He took her ice skating- just the two of them. She loved loved it and still after several weeks later- is still talking about it. Chay also took her to Burley just the two of them to visit Grandpa Clark. She got to ride in Chay's truck. I wasn't there so maybe Chay should write about it, but I know it meant a lot to Mckenzie. 

I went to the school's art Festival on Friday. I don't know if I have something maybe wrong with me- but I swear my kids are nothing but perfect. Even with all their apparent weaknesses and insecurities, they are just the best. Julia was dressed as Elenore Rosevelt for her class presentation. She wore a fur coat and hat. She was excited the morning of- I put her hair in a bun and let her borrow some of my pearl necklaces. Kenzie and Julia sang so well with the choir. Kenzie is so happy and confident. She sings with a smile on her face. Julia, I can tell really loved the songs she was singing but was a little shy. Plus her fur scarf kept falling off. The art presentation was amazing- of course my girls had amazing art pieces. They both love to draw so much. I don't know why? I think it's because I have always had art supplies readily available. Always tin cans full of pencils, color crayons, paper, scissors- Kenzie and Julia are in art at Bravo. I know they both love it. 

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