Monday, November 28, 2016

Winter 2015

It has been snowing so gloriously. The kids played in the snow yesterday. I was in a bad mood all morning but once we finally got all the kids dressed with their boots and their gloves- hats and coats zipped and we got outside- it was so therapeutic to be in the crisp air. I shoveled my driveway and Cynthia came over to help. Then we did hers. The kids made a snowman in Cynthia's backyard and then one in the front. Mckenzie was so proud of them. She is so kind and patient. She is 10 now. Sad sad. but she is such a young 10 so I will take it. She is free, kind, innocent, and loving. She did however get my wrath a little bit earlier that day because she forgot her snow boots at school for the entire Christmas break.  She is very forgetful and I need to just have more patience as she tries to get better at remembering things. Hopefully with time it will all come together. She just likes to have fun and play and so she forgets about everything else besides the very moment she is in. Truth be told, she is adorable and such an amazing daughter and sister. I have to pinch myself sometimes when I am with her, she is too good to be true. She will eventually start to remember things. She's amazing.

Back to the snow. It has been a huge blessing to see so much moisture. I kind of get emotional. We have been praying for snow. Utah is in a drought.

Gary our neighbor got the snowblower up and going and he was drenching the kids with snow. Julia loved and it laughed so hard. Pure happiness right there.

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