Wednesday, November 14, 2007


I must be pretty toxic because this whole detox thing has been harder than I ever imagined. Chay and I eat so different that it becomes inconvenient and tempting to push aside his fluffy white bread. Plus Tami brought over 3 loaves of the most delicious homemade bread- ahhhh. These past 2 weeks were more of an awareness time for me- to kind of sit back and scope out my habits- plus I feel so dragged down from the lack of exercise and sugar- it is hard to get motivated. I need a plan.

I look forward to feeling good more than loosing weight. Gaining health is much more appealing to me than loosing weight. So I have MS...supposedly it can develop into a debilitating disease. I basically just pretend I don't have it but every now and then I will have little reminders- Little jolts of shocks down my legs, vibrations in my lower back and butt, sudden pains in weird places, intense stiffness in my joints- sometimes I wish I could spray some WD-40 on my joints- it feels like I am going to snap! They say forgetfulness and fatigue are symptoms...yes! I have an excuse for my spaciness!

I am really just fine. I feel blessed I don't have major exacerbations all the time and that I can live each day normally. I really had no intention whatsoever to write about MS- but I think angels are taking over my thoughts which sometimes happens when I write...Heavenly Father wants me to take better care of my body and he is telling me why right now.

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joette said...

I also agree with the good health is better then just a "good" number... Elder Holland says, "Optimum health not optimum size"

Calie said...

ditto and amen to that!