Friday, January 09, 2009


our founding fathers...not the most attractive men but still...

Ok so did you know you can learn a lot about parenting by studying the writings of the founding fathers- and the Constitution? I have yet a lot to learn.

But one thing I have learned from their writings is that these men were...well they were anti-enablers.

Our children shouldn't get bailed out from us parents.

The same way the banks and the car companies shouldn't get bailed out either...or the porn industry for that matter. yes you read that right

The reason why I believe so many of the younger generation is so supportive of the new pop culture socialistic views is because that was the kind of environment they were raised in. Kids these days just don't have to work for anything anymore. School, missions, money spent on sports, presents, cars, cell phones, gas money, clothes, I-pods- are all kind of handed over to them on a silver platter it seems. We can give to our children obviously...but on a silver platter? We are enabling our children...even with good intentions- we are still enabling them...and with that- gently forcing, manipulating, paying or guilt tripping our kids to succeed slowly takes away their moral reasoning.

When we enable a child,- growth like self reliance, agency, character, and the pursuit of happiness is interrupted- don't you think? Do we want our child to get an A in history or do we want him to love history and become fascinated in its stories and impact on the world. Do we want our child to get a degree or do we want our child to learn the value of education?...and sometimes that might mean paying part or all of school themselves or taking out a dreadful student loan. Sometimes learning the hard way is the only way...

I sometimes find myself enabling Kenzie...and when I finally realize it (sometimes it takes awhile- months sometimes) and will ask her for my forgiveness and then tell her she needs to sleep in her own bed...and if she wants a cookie she needs to dump the bathroom garbage first (really only because I hate dumping the bathroom garbage- but you see my point)Sometimes I enable her just by being in a bad mood and taking things out on is like I suck the good day right out of her- not fair!

ok so...the bailouts are going to wreck our country...they will only enable us and we will become more and more dependent on the government for help. We will lose the American fire to succeed, to learn from failure, to grow, to prosper, to be happy-

Companies can fail. Our children can fail. It will only make the success more rewarding. ...and you know I hate to fail...and I would love to be bailed out so I wouldn't have to deal with the yuckies of life- but what does that teach me? It only makes me weaker- walking with a crutch, preparing to fall again and again.

Sometimes I find myself misinterpreting the meaning of happiness saying- if only I had this, if only I could do that, if only my house was like this...then I would be happy. Essentially the government these days are misinterpreting it too by convincing us welfare, government power, bailouts, funding this, making laws for that will make us happy but they are only enabling us by taking away our God-given rights to choose, to self govern, to learn from our mistakes, to work hard- happiness is actually robbed when we are bailed out- don't you agree?

oh and nothing too relevant...but

"When all is said and done, America will understand that Michael Moore smells like pancakes." Glenn Beck

fight for freedom friday



Heather said...

I love your FFF. I'm going to do it to. Do you mind? The quote about Michael More made me laugh. I really agree with you about the younger generation and why they are going socialist. Well said. And it's a good reminder to keep teaching our children to work, work, work.

Marne said...

Hi Heather! I didn't know you knew about April's bloggie....April, Heather is a good friend of mine from Sugar. We go way back. :)

Anyway, I loved our phone conversation about this yesterday. You are right on the money! We need to raise our kids to work and not give, give, give.

Great FFFF this week. I look forward to it every week!

April said...

Heather- start the FFFF! (you don't have to call it FFFF obviously) but this is what I want! I want people to join me in this awareness cause! I just feel that people need to be educated and passionate about these type of things! If any changes are made it will be from us, We the People!

I really have hopes that somehow more and more people will stand up and start making a fuss about what is happening right now...So if there is a wildfire spread of blogs that start up- there might be a momentum...and people will start to talk more- and who knows...maybe 25 years from now or something we can make a little difference...

I have another friend named Heather who comments on my blog and I got your comment from my email and so I thought it was my other friend Heather and it totally suprised me that my other friend Heather wanted to start writing about stuff like this...I was like "what?"

anyway. I will be checking your blog often- and if you start a FFFF type post on a single day or whatever I will post it/advertise it on my blog on the let me know.

April said...

nevermind- you are private- you need to invite me! I am you can trust me visiting your site...LOL

Mothership said...

I was just saying this very thing to my husband today. Our founding fathers would be infuriated by what they would see!

Also, you NEED to get Thomas Jefferson Education by Oliver DeMille. It is an educational philosophy that makes sense for our time.

Calie said...

April.... you go girl. Love you!

Tiffani said...

I totally agree with you April. I finished reading The Five Thousand Year Leap - what a great book about our Founding Fathers principles. It made sense to me - hard work, self reliance, don't pass on debt to another generation, responsibility, etc. I definitely still have to more to learn about these great men and what our country was founded on. I love your quotes and insight - keep it up.

Joette said...

you rock my ffffffffffff world!