Monday, January 12, 2009

operation home

so someone once told me they don't clean their house because they don't like to...

Now I know there are a special few out there, but honestly who loves loves loves to clean their house? I mean is there really people who can't wait to dust and do the dishes?

So of course I would rather read a book, write a post on my blog (hint hint), make something, talk to friends, or sit on my couch and stare out the window in deep thought than clean the house- but some things just need to be done you know- no matter if I like them or not- it is kind of like brushing teeth, changing poopy diapers, sitting through sacrament meeting with crabby kids- things you kind of should or must do even though you don't like to- but sometimes I just don't want to!!!! I swear nothing puts me in worse mood than cleaning the kitchen.

If only I could be a little more like Giselle...

We have been a little "enchanted" lately around the house...and since Kenzie and I have both watched this movie probably 15 times since Christmas, I now know exactly how to get the family into the perfect house cleaning mood. I just clap my hands with a "alright everyone let's tidy things up!" and Kenzie will sing "A happy working sooooong!" Chay just rolls his eyes- (I've actually caught Chay humming this tune once- but don't tell anyone)

if only I could find a dress like that to wear...housework would be so much more fun

ok so for my new year's resolution I decided to try a cleaning schedule for 2 weeks- I am seriously forcing myself to do it for 2 weeks. No matter how much I hate it- I am going to see by the end of 2 weeks if I sort of get used to it- Every day in the morning for 45 minutes I will do normal everyday cleaning stuff like vacuuming, dusting, put away, organize, make beds, kitchen duties -and also in that 45 minutes- each day of the week- I will heavy clean one room in the house. So there is also bi-weekly, monthly, bi-monthly chores too- I presume I will edit my schedule as I go- so I will see...Each day of the week has a new color 3x5 card to put on the fridge in the morning...I am boring myself already.

you have to understand, this is so not me- most of you remember Joette and I shared a bedroom growing up. We shared a bed too. Her side of the room was completely spotless with shoes lined up color coordinated and her clothes all folded- and then there was my side- clothes and shoes not color coordinated but just all over the floor so you couldn't see the carpet- you can see why we didn't get along very well at times.

Mom always wished to get organized. She was an amazing cleaner and so am I- but we are both a little scatter-brained- I imagine Mom having very clear quick thoughts now and being able to process so much more- now that she is without her body for awhile...she is probably loving the spirit world. I wish I could know exactly.

ok so operation home here I go...

"Wasn't this fun?"

(if you haven't seen Enchanted yet- you is seriously so entertaining)


Chay said...

Sometimes I really hate cleaning to.

Dishes....ahhhh!!I hate them. It was my older sister Tiff that brought that to pass. She might not remember. Here's the short version: Since we sold the family boat earlier and had no use for the "family" knee board, I decided to trade it in for some store credit. Apparently it was expensive one (H.O. brand)...well I got about $200 for it and put it toward some sweeeeeet rollerblades back when I was younger.

She (Tiff) found out and gathered the troops (siblings), told Mom of the "unfairness" and BAM!!! I had to do dishes for the entire summer to repay my debt to them.....Now you know why I hate doing the dishes.

But I still love you Tiff.

Tiffani said...

Wow - that's a great story Chay and a very smart sister! I don't even remember that - are you sure that it's true? Are there any other siblings out there that can vouch for Chay? I bet now you are really good at washing dishes - was the dishwasher broken again? It seems like it was broken often. Maybe I have a unconscious fear of that and it's why I opted for two dishwashers instead of one. What other childhood stories do you remember? My memory is already failing me.

April - way to go on your cleaning plan. I like how you tackle these projects - go girl! You are motivating me to get a plan.

Heather said...

i like you already and i've never met! hopefully you don't think i'm a dorko for commenting. i love your post about cleaning. I just posted a quote from a gal about how much she loves mondays and getting back into the routine and tidying from the weekend. I'm working on having that better attitude. And I'm watching Enchanted right this very minute and doing laundry (oh - and checking google reader in between). :) I need to do the every morning schedule like you have. thanks for sharing. And if you want an invite to my blog so you know i'm not a freako email me at well - actually you might still think i'm a freako once you read my blog! oh - p.s. i'm marne's friend from sugar city.

The Wright Stuff said...

Great idea! Did you read it in "The art of homemaking"? It's by Daryl Houle and it is really informative. She's kind of over the top about some things, but I love reading it! It's so fun to imagine how wonderful my life would be if I did the things she tells me to. But for now, I just like to live vicariously through her and maybe someday, I'll be perfect just like her.
I LOVE Enchanted! LOL

Marne said...

Um yah did you see my post last night on my blog about how I just cleaned my dishes by the sink, some that had been there since New Years Eve? Cleaning is not my fav thing either. I have to take time for myself or I can't function...literally. And I'm okay with it. :) But like you said, some things just have to be done whether we want to or not.

Great cleaning schedule! I hope it works for you...I may have to do something like that myself.