Friday, March 13, 2009


Last night I got 4 hours of sleep. I stayed up and watched a movie. "The Boy in the Striped Pajama Pants" A story about Nazi Germany and the Holocaust. Didn't really like it so much- the end left me just so depressed.

What a horrible mark in history.

But what I found highly interesting in the movie was the perspective of the story- the story was by surprise not seen from the Jew point of view but from a Nazi German family. If you are ever interested in what too much government can do to one's way of thinking and processing- you need to watch this movie. The German citizens were good people. They had families and hopes like everyone else- yet they were drowning in indoctrination and fear- to the point where they truly believed Hitler's regime was sensible and needed for their country. So interesting. I kept saying throughout the movie, "Would I be sucked into this?" "Would I be clueless and heartless if I lived in Germany back then?" I hope I wouldn't be. I hope I would be the "Sound of Music" family that "climbed every mountain" to hide from and not conform to evil.

fight for freedom friday

I am excited about the whole "We Surround Them" thing going on today on Fox News at 5pm Eastern time on the Glenn Beck program. Please watch it. Just see what it is all about. There is a movement going on that needed. Finally a silent majority has had enough. I wish it wouldn't have to be lead by Glenn Beck to be honest- I fear many will just take this as a Glenn Beck thing and not an American thing.- and it will instantly get smashed and discredited as some "Obama hater right wing freak movement". And it's not. But realistically our voices are not heard on the other news stations and for those who sincerely take the time to listen to those/us who are concerned about this great nation, know we are everything but what we're stereotyped to be- well, I'm sure there are Obama hater right wing freaks out there- but for the most part, we just want our Country back- and we need to join together and notice how out of control things have become.

I guess I'm one of those who cling to my bible and my guns. Oh well. I relish in common sense and simplicity.

I believe in hard work, self reliance, little government (and the scares of unrighteous dominion), liberty, capitalism in full force- I believe in the Individual, trickle down economics- I believe in family. I believe ethics and morals come before research. I believe failure makes us stronger as a nation and as a person. I believe companies and markets should suffer the true consequences they deserve instead of being bailed out. I believe restrictions and too much government control will hinder the human potential hindered it for thousands of years- The United States of America was the first nation on earth to inherit true freedom- and look what happened in the short time of 200+ years. We went from tilling our land behind a horse to walking on the moon.

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Sheri said...

April, I love reading your blog. You are so passionate about the things you believe in, its inspiring. Thanks for the comments, I love ya.