Wednesday, March 11, 2009

quem vai ler comigo?

So the online book club starts today.

I really like to read books. The dresser next to my bed has about 6 books stacked up-I have reading A.D.D. and so I like to jump around depending on my mood- read something positive here, read a little realism there, something spiritual here, something funny I can get all doses of life's twists and excitements all within the week.

One thing about reading: I just think the brain, soul, and heart are better at retrieving information and judging it better when you're alone with paper and words. No sounds, no flashes, no beautiful spokesperson, no commercial breaks- plus you have time to put the book down and actually think without a celebrity endorsing an idea. You can also get out a pen or pencil and write your own thoughts or underline that one sentence that seemed to jump out to you...oh and the whole Still Small Voice business? Oh clear as day. Quiet, peaceful, words, slow, all in your own world- so much easier to say when reading, "Nah I don't think this is true" or "Wow I need to study more about this before I agree" or "for some reason that just feels right" or "how can I not get myself into this type of situation?"

Reading is just great way to connect with the conscience.


Come read with us! These books won't let you down. Quite fascinating. The book club is called "seek out the best books" You can find the book club at

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