Tuesday, May 19, 2009

can't believe it update

it was Scott, my neighbor, who played the prank on me...and yes I have had at least 4 people ask me if I just got my GED.

It all started when Chay decided to let off a round of fire crackers on our neighbors front porch late at night. Chay lit the match and then jumped a fence and hid beneath their camper...it was pretty funny I will admit, but I am not sure how I got involved with this. I am just the wife watching through the blinds laughing uncontrollably...I have never seen people come to the door so quickly.

Our neighbors, a single Dad and 2 boys (one being Scott, Chay's secretary in Elder's Quorum)...the funnest people alive...They did mention there was a comeback coming...and guess what, now it is war.

Any ideas?

I think I will put an add for Scott in the singles classifieds in the local newspaper...the men seeking men section...oh that is bad...that would be so funny...hmmmmmmm


The Potters said...

so funny that it was a prank. i think for the comeback it would be awesome to put an add in the paper, but not for men, but you could exaggerate his quarkyness or something in the add.
anyway Im not sure how to reply to comments on my blog. if I comment on your comment on my blog would you see it? or should I do this and comment on your blog? or just email??? ok blog expert...what do i do?
anyway in response to your comment I have pleanty to change. Given sometimes I am hard on myself, I wanna lose weight, I am prideful, I wanna be better at scripture study, I wanna do genealogy work, and most of the things my husband and I argue about I think are his fault but in then end I realize its my fault for getting mad. Anyway not to unload or anything, but lately I have become more aware of the things I need to change. But on a good note, I have been setting goals each week and acomplishing my goals and my husband and i just started doing daily/weekly goals and we are doing good so far. Little by little and by small and simple things we'll make it to the celestial kingdom right?
so...we are excited to move to Utah! we are still looking for work and a place to live. We are planning to move probably mid august and Robert will start school Aug. 31 for fall.
I hope we can hang out...I would love that.
I love you april

The Potters said...
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Cami said...

Hmm. I think a newspaper ad in the men seeking men section is too low. But how about a sign at Terrace Depot that says "Scott Klema - yes I'll marry you!" It would start some good rumors. Oh, his poor girlfriend.