Wednesday, May 20, 2009

makeover may

Someone asked me why I'm not blogging more about my Makeover May. Well you see, that is all apart of the makeover- 'Stay off the computer as much as possible!' I sat down one day and thought about all the time I waste sitting in front of my laptop surfing the internet, reading every news article, online deal shopping, youtube, blogs, blogging, social networks, emails...and it is all good and neat stuff- but just too much. Plus I just want to be outside! Holy smokes the weather is BEAUTIFUL.

Makeover May.

The other day Kenzie drew me a picture of a cow with a million dots all over it. She came up to me with the picture and said, "Look Mom, it's you...I make a picture of you...a cow with lots of moles." oh lovely...

so with that self esteem booster, I still carry on.

I went to the temple last week and felt my divinity.

I've been a really patient mom lately, thanks to prayer.

I've been running and I feel like I'm going to puke every time I do. I am running my first 5K since who knows how long ago on June 6th. I am more excited that the run follows the river the whole race...oh and I better get a t-shirt...

I have done some yoga- I will never underestimate that form of exercise ever again- it was so hard and every muscle in my body ached for 5 days.

My MS symptoms have resurfaced. No it's not from eating junk food, stress from Mom dying, or lack of sleep from paper route- it is exercise that put my body into overload acute weakness and tingles- this is what makes me mad. I hate you MS. It makes me cry because I don't want to accept that my strong endurance body from the past has been replaced with this sensitive fragile don't work too hard body. I slowed down for a bit and took it easy and I feel somewhat strong again...

I am not going to let this get me down. I will live a long and healthy life. Yes I will. You're going down multiple sclerosis.

I have cavities again. But at least I get a free teeth whitening kit from it all.

I visit the stirrup lady tomorrow. "spread 'em" (OBGYN)

I can't get a mammogram for at least another 4 months...I guess milk sticks around for a good 6 months after you quit breastfeeding....who knew?

Funny enough, Saturday Chay and I went to the "Money Makeover" seminar with Dave Ramsey. It was FANTASTIC! Money "makeover" in May? Perfect. It was so inspiring. More to come on that soon.

so I continue to fight the good fight...with a Wendy's frosty every now and then to keep me sane.

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Marne said...

Good job April! Way to get moving and perservere. I am interested to hear about the Dave Ramsey seminar. Cool.