Friday, May 08, 2009


policies vs. principles

doesn't make sense to people don't know the difference anymore

the whole "save the polar bears" yet killing babies is a choice- this type of stuff is just really confusing to me...

Someone just told me last weekend that I should never vote morally. "Never vote morally? What in the heck does that mean? Do you mean emotionally? Who I am is who I am, what I believe is what I believe, who I choose to represent me better represent what I believe."

Priorities= I will vote against any candidate that is pro-choice. No matter what. It is that important. Before any research program, global warming blah, economic philosophy, "Change"...or whatever is the newest thing

morals, principles, commandments, God- first- first in my life.

If you believe the Constitution to be inspired from God, than this country was founded by the hand of God, which means this is His country. His plan, His purpose is far greater than any idea of man...and I truly believe the promise if we "keep the commandments, we shall prosper in the land."

I have heard someone say: "(So in So) candidate is pro-choice, which I don't really agree with, but he promises to provide funding for Art programs to inner city schools- which is very important to me." Are you being serious?

ok so are you ready for this???? Guess what???? I like Sarah Palin. Oh my gosh I am CRAZY. Sarah Palin? She's a nut job inexperienced politician from a town of 5 people that doesn't read magazines. The media treated her so wonderful didn't they?

I really like Sarah Palin. I like her because she understands true government. The true government that was designed by the forefathers so many years ago. Argue if you want. That is ok. She spoke at a pro-life banquet last month and I decided to share some quotes from that speech. I am not a republican and I did not like John McCain, but I really like how this woman is not afraid to speak with her moral belief system as her guide:

"Let me in invite you to Alaska, God’s country, because this is what inspires me. And I want to tell you a little bit about Alaska, because if you go there you cannot deny the hand of the Creator in that state…and it seems that God just dumped his stores of oil and gas up there, billions and billions of barrels of oil and trillions of trillions cubic feet of natural gas, that I believe He intended for us to develop and use to better our world…"

"I truly believe that our families and our small businesses can spend the money they earn better than the government will ever be able to spend it."

(Talking about her baby Trigg, who has Down syndrome) "He turns one on Saturday and He is our gift from God. He’s proven to me beyond a shadow of doubt that every innocent life does have purpose and there is no accident. And I am going to choose the Creator’s idea of perfection over our society’s definition of perfection any day."

"Oh my goodness, it has been an interesting year and one day I may sit down and write all about it…I have learned some things, things now I know for sure, not the least of which is the need to identify who we are, why we are so confident that America can embrace a culture of life- knowing there is purpose and good destiny for EVERY child. No matter your party, your background, your race or religion; protecting and promoting the sanctity of life trumps all of that."

"Some things we can all know for sure, America’s forefathers, founded this great nation with powerful words in America’s Declaration of Independence- they read in part like a Holy Text, “We hold these truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
Providentially and with so much wisdom our founding fathers wrote that life is valuable because it is ordained and not because it is utilitarian- that life is precious whether in the form of a helpless baby or dependent senior citizen, or a special special needs kid, I know for sure, that my son is perfect just as he is, and I do believe he is made in the image of God…life is valuable because it is ordained."

"A baby is God’s opinion that the world should go on and I know for sure what you are doing here tonight (at the banquet) is powerful. You are a testament to the force and will of people who believe in truth- and truth has a way of barging through the doors of our lives whether we are prepared for it or not." ~Sarah Palin, Alaska Governor

so no matter how much you don't like her- you have to admit Sarah Palin is a very moral and faithful person...who puts her trust in a higher source...who defends life- but who wants a moral and faithful person in office anyway?

fight for freedom friday

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Tiffani said...

Love it April - I like Sarah Palin's strength, her integrity, her morals, and her determination to stand up for truth.