Tuesday, June 16, 2009

chaco dilema solved

Look what showed up in the mail a couple weeks ago????

When my other chaco shoe also finally broke...I decided it was time. And since I only wear one pair of shoes every day of my life besides on Sunday- I felt the purchase was very much justified...I think even Dave Ramsey would agree...maybe.

I got a smoking deal on the shoes on Moosejaw.com

If I was to ever run a retail business, I would run it just like Moosejaw. These people who run this place are so crazy and funny. I go to their website from time to time mainly for entertainment purposes.

without meaning to- both of these photos are reflection pictures...how funny is that? Can you see the reflections???


Calie said...

Yeah April I am so happy you found those!! I am so happy because it makes you so happy. And I think Dave Ramsey would be ok with it too! hahaha!
Love you

Heather said...

i've been wearing my chacos for 2 years now and i see them lasting another year (maybe!). i really do think they are worth it, especially when you can find a good deal. hurray for chacos!