Friday, September 11, 2009


September 11th- oh my gosh what a day I will always remember.

- This day was horrible and yet it brought us together as a nation like never before. Everyone put aside parties, policies, opinions and any other kind of cultural division and we became one. We became one...truly a United States of people, willing to do all it took to help each other. People freely gave their money and service to help in anyway the could. They weren't taxed to help with the tragedy, they weren't mandated to comfort the victims, their earnings weren't garnished to provide supplies and money to those on the rescue effort, they didn't feel obligated to serve their government- they just helped each other because they were Americans.

The power really is in the people. Did you know that? It is in the people, people, people- God's greatest creation is you and me. We were given the gift of agency by Him. Each one of us has the light of Christ in us. We for the most part make the right personal decisions to serve and help others. We choose good because we are good. Although there are many wicked people out there, children of God are generally good. When a person is given rights, liberty, choice, and responsibility, they for the most part make very kind, loving, generous decisions to help another person. We do not need a king or a government to remind us to do this. There is a meaning much deeper than first realized when we read the first line of the constitution, "We the People"- "We the People" can do anything...because of God, and the good natured souls that we are...we can even fix the economy ourselves without government intervention...there might be a few bumps in the road, some failures, some things to learn- but if you leave the process alone and let it play out how it should, the private sector will come out ahead- that is what true freedom does. It allows the individual to learn and grow without restrictions other than the government of their own personal conscience.

America would never prosper if we were ruled by "We the Government"...that would be unrighteous dominion of the human soul. It would rob you and me of reaching our potential. But sometimes there are good righteous government leaders. Yes that is true. But not always. That is why the Constitution divides the powers of government into three branches. The founding fathers knew the danger of one man or one branch obtaining too much power. The justice of the constitution is blind. It wasn't designed for good or for evil leaders. It was designed to protect the people no matter the circumstance.

Even good Government programs can be dangerous. It encroaches upon the freedom process- where the private sector's free agency and rights are slowly taken away for the betterment of the collective. Only when God is king would this idea ever work. And when God is king, He still allows us to choose.

Freedom allows us to look inward. It is what makes choosing to help those in need so rewarding. No one likes to pay taxes, but allow a person a chance to serve according to the dictates of his or her own conscience, and if the person ceases the opportunity, the person will flourish, give more than expected, group others to do the same...and what do you know? Americans continue to be Americans.

If freedom allows us to look inward than where do we look if we are ruled over by powerful government?

9/11 was a day we proved we weren't selfish capitalists. It was a day that became evident that "we the people" really want to help and care for each other. We don't need a mandated socialistic government to push us in that direction. Our nation gives more to charity than any other country on the planet.

We shouldn't tax the rich and give more breaks to the poor- the rich are actually quite giving...they hire the poor, they help the economy, they keep the housing market strong, they give to charities, they push for better technology in the medical and science fields. Those prosperous people (for the most part) aren't out to drain the system, they are there to help it- and if they do manufacture something for $1 and sell it for $100- who really cares? They deserve their success. That $100 something is providing jobs, feeding the economy, allowing more tax money to repair those pot holes in the street, getting students through me, the rich are not evil- they are successful good hard working people. The rich are not the enemy. Trust me. Don't tax them. Don't do it. They keep us thriving. The poor need to "feel uncomfortable in their poverty" (Benjamin Franklin) they need to work hard to break the traditions of their family and culture and believe in the American Dream. The poor need to feel the heaviness of their circumstance and face up to their true potential. The human being can survive the worst conditions...they can survive if they knew they had no other route to take. Spoon fed citizens continue to be spoon fed citizens. Look what we did to the Indians...the worst thing we could have ewver done to the Indians was to spoon feed them...ever lived near an Indian Reservation??? You then know exactly what I mean.

FREEDOM is HARD. It was meant to be hard...something we should always always fight for- the Adversary wants to take it away and destroy it. He will be sneaky and make evil things appear good...and that which is good will appear evil. It will always be a constant battle to fight for freedom...for when there is bondage there is captivity of the human soul.


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