Thursday, February 04, 2010

the blogging world

The blogging world is a weird world isn't it? Entertaining to say the least.

There are different kind of bloggers out there.

There are the: family scrapbook blogs (my nickname for them): picture after picture with commentaries written here and there of all the wonderful amazing things happening in life...these blogs happen to be a favorite of mine to look at, especially if they are my family and my close friends. I love to see what people are doing with their lives.

There are the: opinion life sharing descriptive blogs where writers come to their blog for their few paragraphs of daily release. These blogs have fewer pictures than the scrapbook blogs, but it's nice to actually read feelings once in a while. Pictures just don't delve into a person like words do. These kind of blogs are a favorite of mine too, especially if they are from dear friends and family. These tend to be funny too sometimes...a plus for me.

My blog kind of lies in the middle of the two blogs mentioned above. I started to blog for family and friends since I lived so far far away from them- and writing is a release for me.

There are the: money making blogs where the side bars of the blog are chuck full of advertising. These blogs usually speak to a certain audience- crafters, cooks, couponers, home decorators, scrapbookers. I dejunked my Reader the other day and got rid of 15 or so of these blogs- they were just posting too often for my sanity. I love their ideas but I love more to have less insignificant blogs to read.

There are the: giveaway blogs where the blogger is giving something away free almost every day it seems. The blogger advertises a product for a company. The company in return sends 2 of the same product to the blogger. The blogger then gives away one in a contest on their blog and keeps the other. These blogs frustrate me and I have unsubscribed to most of them unless I know the blogger personally. I never win the contests- probably because I never do all I can to increase my chances of winning. I don't want to advertise "giveaway blogs" on my blog...or on facebook...or tweeting (I don't tweet)...all the different ways to get more entries. No thank you.

There are the: follow my life story blogs like Nie Nie where you can't help to want to know what that woman is doing every minute of her life due to her life events...I enjoy these blogs...I love how she complains and makes her situation more real. I have come across other tragic stories turned into successful blogs and they are just plain addicting. Reality blogging. addicting.

Blogging mistakes:

A while ago I shared on my blog my not so good Thanksgiving experience. I don't regret what I said because it was true and my feelings were hurt... and I was ready to share my feelings with this person...but I think this person read my blog first...and I think that is why this person hasn't talked to me since... maybe that was a blogging mistake??? I never mentioned the person's name on the blog... I was just shocked how we were treated...and I wanted to share my crazy Thanksgiving day with others...I care about my relationship with this blogging gone bad??? oh probably.

Kind of weird how communication has changed for the better and worse as time goes by. We can just sit inside our house and talk to the world without really talking to anyone face to face. Sometimes it's nice and fast...sometimes it's lonely.

But all in all I like blogs...I have had the chance to really get to know people through their blogs...well those who are honest and true anyway...I have read some blogs and I have to question, "are they really this positive ALL the time?" But sometimes the only chance I get to see and talk to people from my church is on Sunday, so it's nice to read up on what those people have to say on their blogs.

I would say there are more women bloggers than men? What do you think? Women will go to all measures to communicate...LOL. Nothing will stop us. Since we don't talk over the fence to the neighbor as much as we used to in times gone by, we now blog. Whatever it takes.

I prefer the fence.
I prefer phone calls.

But one day my blog will be so fun to it's sort of a public journal- weak journaling I would call it...but fun. At least I find it a great way to stay in touch with friends and family.


Mothership said...

I don't know which blog title mine falls under, but I do know that it has been an overall good experience for me. It has given me a place to write, my spelling has improved and I've learned about people I wouldn't have otherwise had a chance to know. Plus, there are SO MANY smart people out there-- it's nice to get ideas from their genius.

Calie said...

I love blogs too! And I deffinitly think there is more women who fact I dont know a single guy who has a blog. :)

Marne said...

Blogging is a great way to connect more with your thoughts and feelings. One reason I have loved blogging these past 4 years is all the friends I have made. I have many friends I have never met but I feel a strong kinship with. Love that.

Hollie said...

The blogging world is interesting but I do enjoy it. I do agree though that communication has gotten to be so much less personal, I don't so much like that aspect.

I would love to talk to you over your fence, but you built it too high. Should I take that as a hint? Just kidding! =)

Lindsay Heiser said...

I use my blog as a scrapbook/ journal. I'm in the process of making it into a hard bound book so I'll always have it and so that my kids will be able to go back and read it. This is mostly because I hate to scrapbook, so I figure this is the next best thing. So... It might be boring for some to read- but I do it for me, so that's all that matters =) But I agree with the whole communication thing. I worry that our will not even know how to communicate with one another if not through the computer or text messaging.... I think that's pretty sad. I already see that happening.

Julander Family said...

I'm with you April. I like the real world better than the blogging world. I don't like waiting for a comment on what I have to say! I like real conversation. But I do like blogging as my own personal journal and/or scrapbook to record our everyday happenings. Blogging is fun for me, but I would much rather have a friend over and have some real interaction. Speaking of...we should hang out!!!

The Wright Stuff said...

I absolutely love your blog April. It was actually your mom and you that made me decide to start one. You even helped me learn how to make it! It has been a great online journal for me to capture all the things the kids do, make fun of people and things that drive me crazy, etc. I love that there are so many creative blogs with fun ideas of things and projects I can do! I especially am loving good recipe blogs lately. :)
I love that you blog! Don't ever stop! :)
Love ya!

Tiffani said...

I was talking to a friend at church about blogging. She was mortified of the thought and said she didn't have anything good to write about her life or things she wanted to share. It can't be all that bad, can it?

Anyways, I like blogs that are honest and heartfelt. I know I don't write everything I feel on my blog because it wouldn't be appropriate. But I hope that I am transparent enough for people to learn that I am a real person with real challenges, worries, hopes, and dreams.

I think my blog is a mix.

If I had all the time in the world, I would rather chat on the phone all day - but then I wouldn't have a clean home or fed children!

Delia D'Nell said...

April, I liked this blog post, it made me think about why I blog and what type of blog I have.

I love reading your blog for what I see as blatant honesty. When I think of your blog I think of this title "April: Raw & Uncensored". This may or may not be true...I don't really know you on a personal level much. But I like to think it is.

okay, I will stop before I ramble on and on.

side note: I hope this pregnancy gets easier soon!

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