Tuesday, December 07, 2010

my sexy veins and MS

first of all, Thank you Cami for coming with me today. I was so touched that she wanted to come...ok ok ok- she also wanted to go to IKEA with me afterwards- who wouldn't? Who can pass up Sweetish meatballs anyway? But still, it was nice to go to the appointment with someone. Cami is a SUPERFRIEND. The kind of friend you don't luck out and meet every day. She is GOLD. She has taught me more about LOVE and SERVICE than anyone I have ever met. She watched Xander for me in the waiting room today- Love you Cami. Thank you for enduring such a long day.

Chay stayed home from work and played with the girls all day.

Well how did my appointment go today? Well, I have CCSVI. So stay far away...CCSVI- sounds like I have some funky growth in my armpit or something-

For reals, my right Jugular vein, way up close to my ear and jaw line does not drain properly. Blood gets to the brain just fine, it just doesn't drain the way it's supposed to. In fact, instead of draining the way it should, the vein has a reflux of blood caused from narrowing of the vein and so my body has developed a lot of little capillaries near where the narrowing of the vein is to create a secondary route for my blood to drain- INTERESTING.

This is all so new to me. I really don't know what to think. At moments I feel like crying and at other moments I just want to ask a million questions.

so off I go to Provo again to have the jugular vein fixed on December 21st. Unfortunately I might be too sedated to go to Ikea afterwards. That's ok, I'm a little Ikea'd out...

and plus Chay's Hell is walking around IKEA for a couple hours- pure torture...for the both of us :)

anyway, Merry Christmas! Is it really already the 7th?


Tara said...

What a great friend you have! I was thinking of you yesterday. Well I guess it is better to have some info than not. Hopefully the procedure on the 21st isn'too involved so you can recover and have a great Christmas.

We went to Chuck E Cheese's last night and were thinking about Kenzie... I can't believe her birthday is nearly here again. Wow!

Cami said...

Thanks for letting me come. It was fun, and I'm so excited to see what the results of your procedure are!

Did you get your couch home okay? I want to come see your room, and your couch, and your rug.

Love you April! You're amazing.

Levi and Cynthia Wilde said...

Oh my goodness April...I have been stalking your blog waiting for you to talk about this appt of yours! I'm so fascinated by it and so hope everything works out well. Wow...so your gonna do the "liberation treatment" on the 21st? I seriously wish you the best best best of luck!! I'm so excited for you. Please please please let me know if there is anything I can do for you! Oh and I totally second the fact that Cami is one of the awesomest people ever!

Sarah Gibby said...

Yay! I'm so excited for you!

Calie said...

April wow... I am so excited for you. Joette is running atound the house yelling "April is going to be healed!" What an incredible journey. I love you and cant wait to hear all about it. Your amazing!

Tiffani said...

You have been really proactive April - way to go! I am excited for you.

Elissa said...

Wow....this is really good, right? It sounds like the wonder cure! Cami is such a good friend. I need to be more like her.

And I agree...you CAN get IKEA'd out. ;)

Anonymous said...



Connie said...

Cami has been telling me about you. I think a lot of you and will pray for the best. I am really touched by your story. I am looking forward to hearing what happens. Take care. (Cami's MOM)